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Knee Armours over kevlars?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by bulby, May 21, 2013.

  1. So we all know wearing armours without anything to protect you against abrasion is not very smart because if you ever go down at speed:
    1. Whatever pants you were wearing over or under the knee armours will disintegrate in a split-second along with the straps holding the armours in place.
    2. Off goes the armours with nothing holding them in place, then it's your skin, soft tissues and finally bones.

    But what if you had kevlars underneath the armours? Something like the Draggin K-legs maybe? Would the armours have done their job absorbing most of the initial impact by then?
    I'm not curious enough to actually test this out myself, so this is all hypothetical.
  2. Surely you can see the lack of logic in that.
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  3. I wear the Draggin knee armour under my Draggins. Fits on like a sock with a Velcro strap, so no moving about.

    Armour over the top of jeans seems a little strange.
  4. Are you taking the piss?
  5. Armour will be required for secondary and subsequent impacts. You'd want to be very sure that it didn't fly off.
  6. RS Taichi Stealth Knee guards under. Can get them in hard or soft. Won;t give as much protection as a huge Kevlar guard but are a good compromise because they really are close to Stealth and can leave them on and are more likely to wear them.
    I only have the soft ones and can leave them on but can also fairly easily slide them off under the jeans.
  7. I've come off with knee armour underneath Draggins. They stayed in place.
  8. Ah.. The interwebs.
    > anon asking obvious question
    > troll for sure
    > counter-troll & flame at will

    If it makes you feel any more superior: No, I was genuinely curious because I don't have a complete understanding of it. I know it's bad, but how bad is bad?

    Thanks for the non-troll posts though.
  9. Put it this way. If kevlar jeans tore to shreds, no one would buy them. If knee protectors ripped off, no one would buy them. Wearing knee protectors under clothes will rip the clothes to shreds, but that is to be expected.
  10. Armour works - here is a testimonial

  11. I think you would wear the armour over the k-legs and wear jeans over the top of it all (unless you want to look like a complete tool). :joyful:

    I tried wearing armour over k-legs under ordinary jeans and found it all too bulky although i guess it depends on the type of knee armour. Mine would cause my k-legs or jeans to bunch undearneath and ended up me never wearing the armour.

    I ended up getting kevlar jeans so i wouldn't need to the k-legs layer and found that to be more comfortable and you would hope the kevlar jeans wouldn't shred to bits, allowing your armour to do its job without being exposed instantly to the road.

    To be honest though I have yet to find a pair of knee armours that are just comfortable to be wearing out and about under jeans. I have Knox Knee ones which are soft but are just too bulky. Might need to pick up one of those RS Taichi ones.
  12. looking like a tool is a good thing .run with it.
  13. What the balls are k-legs?
  14. K-legs are Kevlar leggings made by draggin
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  15. I have considered buying knee pads to wear over my jeans when i ride to uni but have never bothered, my logic on the situation:

    1. kevlars with knee armour worn off the bike looks terrible
    2. taking the knee armour out of kevlars roadside is not really an option most of the time and the jeans will still look baggy and terrible
    3. for low speeds regular denim is pretty acceptable

    so my plan for a while has been to get some armour and wear it over my normal jeans for commuting. Knox makes a pair of pads that come with 3 straps, top of knee, knee pit and over shin, so i think they would stay on pretty well, at least that brand has more straps than any other.

    The only thing stopping me from doing this is, 1. i have to buy the pads from overseas as no local retailers, 2, i cant afford it at the moment and 3, i worry that pads on the outside would mean i had no grip on my tank.

    but i think it would still be a step up from just wearing jeans with no pads, unless someone can come up with kevlars that have a decent cut and dont look terrible i still will only wear them when slow touring.
  16. 1st I put on my elastic knee braces. Then I strap on my knee brace, then pants.
    Only a gumby would wear them on the outside. It looks kooky.
    Probably not a bad idea to use them before you need them. I didnt, now it takes for ever to go on a dirt ride. And I'm too farked and sore when I get home to take them off.
  17. You can only wear them on the outside if you do the same with your reg grundys
  18. Thunking Leo Wanker here
  19. Hahahahahaha brilliant ! I had forgotten all about that character !