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Knee armour for a fat bloke

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Pugsly, Sep 25, 2013.

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    Last edited: Sep 25, 2013
    The sun is shining the birds are tweeting and the weather is getting warmer. I'm wearing the textiles less, and the kevlar jeans more, 'cept I'm not real comfortable with the armour part of the equation.

    The jeans have some knox knee jiggies the sort of velcro inside the jeans and flop about like nobodies business. I expect in an off they'll be exactly in the wrong spot to do any good. So I'm in the market for something a little more effective.

    I'm looking for knee armour that straps on under the jeans, and I need something that will wrap around on above average sized legs. Not the twigs that a lot of people seem to get about on.

    The range of protectors I've seen in stores has been fairly small, so I'm after some recommendations so I can go and try some on rather than trooping all over Melbourne on the off chance of finding someone that might stock something suitable.

    Any suggestions (on armour)?
  2. Try driving past Maccas for a change :D
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  3. :finger: :p
  4. Get these for about $40
    Cricket Pads.
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  5. What's with the South Australian comedians?
  6. Slow day over here.....
  7. Maybe we're feeling jovial, because we know the sunshine will only last 30 mins in Melbourne!!
  8. Ditto on RS Taichi. I'm rarely without them and could leave them on all day.
    They might be a little tight on you though. Alex is always helpful so if contact him.
  9. They come in different sizes so double check with @Motorcycleracegear what he has in stock
  10. Thanks guys. That gives me a few options with a few votes for the RS Taichi's. I'll get in touch with Alex and see if he's got some I can try on.
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