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Knee armor

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by canuck, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Hello,

    Looking for some advice / suggestions for knee armor.
    Recently stacked and while my Icon kevlar denims did what they are supposed to, knee armor would have saved me from a lot of bruising and abrasion burns.

  2. seems to be two choices. the strap on ones like the dirtbike riders wear or the pads that stick to the kevlar with velcro. I have both and mainly use the velcro ones when I wear draggins. most of the time I wear leathers that have them built into the knees.
  3. have you got any details on the ones that velcro to the kevlar?
  4. None velcro 'to the kevlar', they velcro to themselves and wrap around whatever jeans you're wearing.
  5. Actually mate the ones that velcro to the kevlar are these ones:
    Most shops that sell the draggin jeans will sell these as well for around $30 from memory. I've seen them in PS and AMX but I'm sure they're not too hard to find anywhere.
  6. So they don't velcro to the kevlar, they velcro to the velcro strips you attach to the kevlar...
  7. No, they velcro to the kevlar... They use a strip of adhesive "male" pattern velcro, you stick them to the outside of the knee pad and then put them in place inside the jeans. The velcro holds to the kevlar because its a similar density and texture to regular "female" pattern velcro. Just make sure if you buy them you sit on the bike in riding position before you fit them to see where your knee cap is in relation to the pant leg so you can put the pad in the right place so its well seated when riding