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Km's on a SINGLE bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Roarin, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Was looking at the service records I keep for my baby 400 the other night & sort of got a surprise of how many kilometers I have clocked up on the little b#gger. Nearly done 60,000 on it so far. Laughing like a lunatic the whole time. And thats with no commuting involved. Just weekend blasting. And a bit of touring. Yep -on a 400. Which got me thinking.
    Whats the most you've done on a single bike? Not how many kms the bikes done but how many kms you put on it. Fire away.

  2. Had my little beast for almost 15 months and clocked up 40,900 kms so far :grin: no commuting here either.
  3. I have online mates with 300,000+ on the same bike, know a guy with 600,000 on his beemer with 3 motors in that time.

    Just a wee 159,000 on mine.
  4. ~2300 km, im a real man. I'll be getting a bit more racked up now that i'll be doing a little bit of commuting since I'll be starting my career soon :D
  5. 69,800 and still going on my GS500E. Just passed 85,000 the other night.

    Over 55,000km on the GS650G Katana (exact figure unknown due to a few months time with no speedocable)

    I think the next most would be either my Z250C or the YZF600R foxeye which both got me over 35,000km each - too long ago to remember exactly.

    I dont *think* I've done more than 30,000km on any of the others.
  6. just break 4k :LOL:
  7. yeah, but youre one of those crazy farriders... wish i could join you.

    amazingly i put on 162,000kms on the spada in just over 2 years. the clock had 12,800kms original on it, from sumoto (probably dodgy)
    i was using it for courier work, and rode everyday (literally) bar 3 when i was in hospital. i would get home from work, take off the box, and go for a proper ride nearly everyday. i hit up the twisties nearly every weekend, and was doing oil/filter chganges ounce a month. i did a big end bearing in the end, and the bike only had clearances/balace done three times in that period.
    youre engine will last a long time if you respect and love it.
    the longest ride was melb-dubbo, dubbo-brisbane in 2 days, and same return.
  8. Hehehehe. Thats a farkin good effort on a 250 dude :LOL: :LOL: I love it.
  9. cheers, i loved it too. it is no more :| :oops: :( :sick: :(
  10. i put 115,000 on my old gs250fw, only had a stator problem , well that and the bugger NEVER idled, was still running strong when i gave it away.
  11. 93000 on the Duke...the most of any of my bikes...and they're all my kays :grin:
  12. Impressive Lil!
  13. ZX10 1988 model put 180000 ks on it
    Wore out several brake disks, lots of bearings,several cam chains & tensioners
    The only major problems were the starter motor and a top end rebuild at 120 thousand ks
    Gave it an oil change every 10000 ks and always had it serviced
    Look after the machine and it will last a lot longer
  14. Bloody Ducati's won't last that long. Mine only has 54000 and they are all mine!
  15. Can't remember all the old bikes, but living up the Hunter Valley and riding back and forth to Sydney a lot, I must have put heaps of miles on the XS-650D Yamaha.

    I bought the Hornet in March '05, with 54,000 kms on the clock, and it now has over 92,000 in around two years. That includes a couple of protracted spells off the road for accident repairs, into the bargain. Longest single TRIP was Wollongong to Tamworth via Thunderbolts Way and home via the big roads; 1228kms in the day....
  16. Have owned many bikes but 35500km was the longest I had with a honda VF750.

    Paul you didn't tell us how many days you slept after that mammoth ride, 1200km in a day now thats a ride, how old were you when you did that one.

    I have done around 800km in a day and slept like a baby.

  17. 24000km on the virago since last October (6mths). Getting rid of it next Tuesday :cool:
  18. <snip>
    Hah, well actually, mate, it was in October '05, and I was 56 years old!! I left here at 5:30 in the morning, rode out to Wilberforce, fueled up and rode the Putty, Singelton, Gresford, Stroud, Gloucester and then Thunderbolt's Way to Walcha, then across to the New England Highway and down to Tamworth. I arrived at Tamworth at around 4:15 in the afternoon, did the business I was there for and left around a half an hour later, and rode back to the Hilltop Caltex at Singleton, had dinner there art 7:15, then rode down to Beresfield, turned onto the F3 and did F3 to Sydney then the F6 to home. I got home at 1:15am the next morning.

    And I was FINE the next day, honest, slept till around 7 and got up and went about the day as if nothing had happened :).
  19. Darn good effort for 6 months on a Virago. I look forward to hearing your comparisons between the VTR and Virago
  20. Bout 150,000 on my first road bike was highest on 1 single machine Ive personally :eek:wned: .An old Yamaha XJ900 83 model,loved it like a son :grin: rode the wheels of it,went through 2 donks,1 original-90k,1 out of a wreck-60k,alas both motor's died due to chronic starter clutch's :? the ol XJ's achilles heel :cry: ,that and rusting fuel tanks,other than that,couldnt killem with an axe :)