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KMs and price for GN250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Jamie Croft, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. Hi there. I was chasing up some advice about a 1993 Suzuki GN250 I've come across. It's done a fair number of kms - 73000 odd. I haven't inspected it yet, but am hoping to with a friend who knows a lot more than I do!

    My questions are:
    Is 73 000 km too many for a used 1993 GN250?
    What price would be reasonable to pay for a 1993 model in otherwise good condition? (This one is going for $2300 - supposedly 6 monthly services with receipts - too much? Just right? Bargain?).
    Will a rip in the leather of the seat affect getting a roadworthy?

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    The most important thing after its riding history, if you can find that out, is its service history. If its been serviced regularly, and preferably by the same mechanic, or a couple at the most, it's probably worth a punt. Price, I can't comment on..

    Plus, 73,000 kms in 21 years is not exactly high usage...
  3. That's alot of klms for a 250 cc of that vintage, no matter how good it's been serviced. I reakon that's too much $ for such a bike. There are alot of newer bikes with half those klms for that sort of money. Last week I saw a guy in syd asking $2300 for a 2009 ninja 250 with 25000 klms.
  4. My GN is a '96 with 26K on the clock. I paid $1900 and it has run without issue for the three months I've owned it. Year old tyres and 3 months rego included. Some cosmetic imperfections. (Seat is perfect)
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    Jamie, that's a laughably bad deal for for a 21 year old bike with big miles. $1200 absolute max if it checks out mechanically or walk away. It's a buyer's market in the 250 LAMS class.

    My daughter's boyfriend got a 2010 Honda CBR250R with Yoshimura exhaust (painfully fkn noisy) and only 5,700kms on the clock for $3700. It has a few cosmetic blemishes (more since he ran it into a pole in the first week) but the owner, an aquaintance, couldn't move it in 6 months of trying.

    Get on bikesales and start shopping. Post here any bikes that you find interesting and the guys will let you know whether they're worth having a look at.

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    Even 10 years ago with half the Kms on it, getting $2300 for a GN250 would have required a certain degree of luck. I'd say about half that asking price is fair these days.

    Edit: Just found the bike in question on Bikesales and very much stand by my comments. No more than $1200 for this bike and preferably less. It might sleep in a garage at night but has spent its days out in the weather. Rusty pipes and deteriorated rubber hoses, chain appears dry ..... this bike will cost you time and money sometime soon. Anyone who doesn't even hose off the bird poo for the "4sale"pics isn't likely to be overly meticulous, so probably best to sight those service receipts too.
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  7. Thanks for the input folks. I think I'm veering away from this one.
    Now considering a Suzuki GS500 with 24600 on the clock, going with one month rego, but no RWC for $2200. Will hopefully be checking it out tomorrow.
    Is there anyone in Northcote who might be able to lend a hand inspecting it tomorrow? (I really don't know what to be looking for). I'm sure there could be some beer to sweeten the deal!
  8. Seany has given you a clue on some of the things to look for, if it looks like 10 day old prawn, it probably is.
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    Be aware that rego cannot be transferred without a RWC. No roadworthy means no rego so trailer to pick up the bike and get it to a vehicle tester, at which point you will find out if taking a punt on the seller's honesty was worthwhile. When a bike comes with no RWC, it could be because the seller is just too busy but you'd want it checked out by someone who knows what they are doing.

    I'm assuming you have a budget of around $2500 so I did a search and these would be my picks.
    http://www.bikesales.com.au/private/SSE-AD-2891453/1993-Kawasaki-ZZ-R250-(EX250)?cr=5&psq:-(EngineSize=range[125..600])&(((((((((SiloType=[Brand new bikes available]|SiloType=[Brand new bikes in stock])|SiloType=[Demo & near new bikes])|SiloType=[Demo & near new bikes])|SiloType=[Dealer used bikes])|SiloType=[Private used bikes])&Type=[Road])&State=[VIC])&Price=range[0..2500])&Service=[Bikesales])&pso=0&pss=Premium


    http://www.bikesales.com.au/private/SSE-AD-2520067/1997-Suzuki-Across-(GSX250F)?cr=10&psq:-((SiloType=[Dealer used bikes])|(SiloType=[Private used bikes]))&((EngineSize=range[125..600]&(((Type=[Road]&State=[VIC])&Price=range[0..2500])&Service=[Bikesales]))&LearnerApproved=[Learner Approved Bikes])&pso=0&pss=Premium

    If you're prepared to go to Sale, then I'd definitely look at this one too. http://www.bikesales.com.au/private/SSE-AD-2883011/2005-Kawasaki-GPX250R-(Ex250f)?cr=15&psq:-((SiloType=[Dealer used bikes])|(SiloType=[Private used bikes]))&((EngineSize=range[125..600]&(((Type=[Road]&State=[VIC])&Price=range[0..2500])&Service=[Bikesales]))&LearnerApproved=[Learner Approved Bikes])&pso=15&pss=Premium

    Edit: I am in no way endorsing any of these bikes. I am just saying that as someone who has purchased many 2nd hand bikes over the years, if I had that budget for a LAMS bike then these are the three near you that I would look at first, going by the ads in Bikesales. They are all also bikes that are highly regarded for their reliability and being learner friendly (much like the GS500). :)