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KLX250S Valve Clearance Check

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by cala90, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,

    Wondering what people are paying to have their valve clearances checked? My bike is a 2012 KLX250S with just over 15,000kms. Previous owner said he did the valve check at 12,000km himself but thought I'd get them checked just incase.

    Anyway, I went to my local Kawa dealer and asked what it would cost to have the valve clearances checked and they quoted me $80 to check and $120 all up if they needed adjusting. I thought this seemed too cheap? Could I have asked the wrong question? I could have sworn I've seen prices around $1000 for such a job..

    Thanks in advance!


  2. It's a very simple and easy job on your klx250.

    It won't cost anymore then a hour or two worth the labour at the most !
  3. Ahh right! Thanks mate. Any idea what the price would jump to if the valves needed replacing?
  4. The valves won't need replacing mate don't stress.
    It's just a clearance check and adjust if needed.

    I have a valve clearance check on my gsxr750 at around 24000 mark.
    I'm still 9000k off and that will be a big job on that. Just no room and lots of shit needs to come off.
  5. Yeah hopefully its all good, glad to hear it's not as expensive as I thought!

    Ahh yeah that's not good! Is that the same for most road bikes?
  6. Sure is
  7. All a valve clearance check involves is rotating the engine to TDC on the compression stroke and sliding a feeler gauge under the camshaft to measure the clearance between the valve assembly and the camshaft for each cylinder. It's not technically a difficult job especially for a professional bike shop. Where it can get expensive is when you have a bike that doesn't allow easy access to the valves because of the design of the engine or if there's things in the way like fairings. So it takes the mechanic a lot of time to get in and do the measurement so the bill soon adds up. When it comes to adjustment again some bikes are a lot more time consuming and so expensive to do than others because on some bikes you have to remove the camshafts to adjust the clearance whereas other bikes you don't and other bikes again have the tappet style adjusters so they are way quicker to do you just loosen the locknut and adjust then move one to the next valve. Your bike has easy access to the valve cover and could possibly have tappets so checking adjusting is a quick and easy. Lucky you!