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klx250r vs klr250???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by andy, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. hey all,
    yer really just wondering what the difference between the klx250r and the klr250 are because i want to get a dual purpose bike one that i can take camping and still ride to uni and around the place. i found a klx250r for just over $5000 but im just not quite sure if it or the klr250 would b more suited. if anyone could shed some light on the differences between the two it would b much appreciated. cheers :D

  2. I had the same dilema when looking for a bike last year. Got the KLR mainly because it is cheaper.

    Big differences:
    -Look different :roll:
    -KLX is electric start (new ones are anyway), KLR is kickstart (still easy to start)
    -KLR is usualy cheaper
    -KLR has average brakes (would recomend stainless brake lines). KLX has 2piston front brakes so they are probably better.
    -KLX has disks on rear, KLR has drums (still strong enough to lock wheel though, just means if riding through deep puddles it can fill with grit and needs to be cleaned).
    -KLR has less suspension travel and is quite soft. Havn't ridden a KLX but I am guessing it is probably better as it has more travel front and rear and is a generaly more agressive dirt bike.
    -KLX is slightly less heavy (few kgs maybe)
    -KLR has bigger fuel tank (11L vs 8L)
    -KLR's tyres from standard are fine on road, but average on dirt. If riding mud, etc would get better tyres. KLXs probably come with better tyres as it is more dirt based. Can still go pretty fast on twisties with KLR... I can go faster with more lean on the KLR than I can on my friends GPX250 :p
    -KLX has a small rear rack but KLR just has toolbag. (ccountered with a large ammobox instead on my KLR... handy for carrying lots of stuff 8) ).

    Being 250s neither is great at 100km/h without a fair bit of effort. Still doable though. Very happy at 80-90km/h though and I have done long stints at 100 for a few hours once or twice. From stock, the KLX is probably geared a little lower to do lower speeds better so if doing much highway riding would want to be changed.

    Don't know if the power between is any different, but considering the design on the KLX is newer it probably has more power... pure speculation though.

    My reasons for getting the KLR instead of KLX:
    -Cheaper ($2000 for mine in pretty good condition...)
    -Available at time
    -KLR still very cabable on dirt with right tyres
    -I ride everyday to uni so didn't need a full dirt bike anyway considering probably about 80% or riding is road.
    -Figure I will only have this bike a few years before getting something bigger and better (I dream of a KTM 640 Adventure)
    -Only getting 3rd party as comprehensive was stupidly expensive so a total loss wouldn't hurt as much.

    That was pretty long.
  3. If you can afford the KLX get it dude! Seriously there is a large difference between the two bikes. One is designed to get from a-b cheaply whilst the other you can actually do some more serious riding with. You get a much stronger bike with the KLX that can be taken MX riding aswell as have good enough brakes and suspension for better handling on the road.
    I owned one for a few years as a screw around bike and can tell ya there tuff as. Here's a pic of what I'd do with mine:
  4. Oh forgot to add, mine sat on 100-120 on the hwy comfortably with enough revs left for some healthy overtaking on top of that. It was also geared +2 in the rear for dirt so a stock one will feel even faster on the hwy.
  5. Yea if I could have afforded I probably would have got a KLX as well. Newer tech by a fair bit. KLX is probably better at pretty much everything, even if KLR CAN do most of it. If your are a cheap uni bum like me though a KLR is fine :p.
  6. cheers for the quick and detailed responses guys :applause:
    so it looks like the klx is a fair bit better than the klr if u can afford it which i can.... just so i think ill go have a look at this klx this weekend if i can. but do u think i should get a bike inspection because i dont really know what i should be looking for in a second hand bike (its only done 2,900 k's and is 2003 model) so wat do u guys reckon?? thx again
  7. A bike with so few k's should be in mint condition and you could probably get away without an inspection. However you would at least want to know what a healthy engine v's shitty one sounds like. They are pretty simple bikes so you don't need to be an expert. If you know nothing about bikes though it might be best to see it first and if it looks the goods and then get an inspection before purchasing. Usually your local bike shop would do one on something like that for peanuts.
    Good Luck!
  8. KLX250 vs KLR250

    Mate, if you can try and get a KLX 300 that was my previous bike it has a little more torque than the 250, at 100kph you are doing around the 5500 - 6000 rpm so it doesn't like it for long periods I put a White brothers exhuast on my and it made it go so much better, great bike for the bush though really light and nimble and can lift the front wheel pretty easy with the bigger sprocket on the back if you want any more info please dont hesitate