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KLX 250 and KLX 300R questions.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by iZombie, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. Hi, Ive read through the forums yet still i cant answer this question for myself.

    Im deciding to shed my car, and ride around town for a while on a dual purpose bike. At the moment, its a toss up between the KLX 250 and the KLX300R.

    Anyone have any help on which way to go, Ill be riding on the streets, some off road fun. Perhaps some highway riding. All of the riding ive ever done has been on dirt bikes, so it will be a [L] plate again. :(

    any advice would be great, is there a good alternative to these two bikes?

  2. The KLX300 is kickstart only I believe and don't know if it is sold new anymore. The KLX250 is electric start and still available new.

    According to this appart from the electric/kick issue the KLX300 is slightly better mostly since it has a bit more power. Another thing to consider is if you are in VIC then only 250cc is allowed so no 300 legal.

    For 250s in the dualsport area you could also look at
    (last 2 are much more dirt/competition oriented and would suck on highway and have expensive maintenance)

    If in NSW/LAMS states you may also want to look at a Suzuki DRZ400/KLX400 (same bike but diff colour/manufacturer) which are suposedly good allrounders and would ride at 100km/h better than 250s. You could consider an XR400 even thogh no longer produced as of very recently there still should be some around.

    Another possibility if in LAMS is a 650 dirt bike (DR650, XR650, KLX650, etc), but if you plan on doing anything hard offroad they are heavy and usualy suspension is not great.

    I had a KLR250 which was cheap and old, but for city stuff but was hard work on highways and was kickstart. Some asshole stole it 2 months ago.

    I now have a KLR650 which is heavy and geared too high for most non main road dirt, but has a large fuel tank and is better on road.

    Basicaly the kind of bike you get depends on how much you want to spend and what percentage of dirt/road/highway you want. The smaller dirt bikes are usualy lighter and better in dirt, but are tiring/uncomfortable at highway speeds whereas the big 650s are better at highway and road, but in tight stuff are heavy and geared too high.
  3. Thanks.
    Ill look into those bikes now. I should have mentioned im from NSW, Tamworth. Lots of bush, however, if i ride to the coast, or anywhere else really... its a 250k trip.

    I have had a quick spin on an ttr... very nice bike, however the owner told me he did not believe it was worth the money he paid. Something i can only take his word on with a grain of salt.