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KLR 650 catch more wind than any other?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by theiceman, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. G'day Guys, does the KLR 650 catch more wind than any other? Wound my 04 up the other day and had NASA on the phone wondering how I get such lift.

  2. now why did u have to ask that for :grin: :grin: :grin: :p
  3. If you look carefully on a cloud free night you can see them orbitting the planet.
  4. I dont get it... :(
  5. LOL really!!! HAHAHAHAHA someone tell him (then i will know too!)
  6. I hear the air force is going to issue to the klr to all parachutists. So much better at catching air.

    There's nothing quite like picking a line into a fast corner and being blown three foot off course
  7. Take your skirt off, you will find it is actually catching the air, not the klr.
  8. How can it catch more wind than other bikes with similar posture? I dont get it either? :(
  9. :rofl:

  10. Geez. Ya frock once and the whole bloody world knows about it
  11. COOOOOL!! Now i will have something to watch for when i am patrolling the RAAF Tindal runway and perimeter fence!!

    A dude, in a dress, on a KLR flying thru the air with parachute attached!!

    Make sure u wave to me ok? I will flash my torch at u!

    :rofl: :beer:
  12. Daylan, get down to Williamtown NSW and I'll keep an eye out too, of course it will have to be a brown eye.
  13. Excellent!! I will inform all my buddies down there to keep an eye...or brown eye...out for ya!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

    We can ALL flash you!!

  14. I had beans the other night. My wife caught a lot of wind.
  15. Sweet disgruntled dog. As if dog farts aren't already bad enough... but the added beans, YUM . My Mrs would have shoved helmet in offending oriffice waited til I exploded, put my beer in microwave and tipped it over me.
  16. I had a KLR650 once, it was a great bike - best in it's class.

    But that was 1987.
  17. G'day Marx, I like the bike but used to ride road bikes when I was a pup. Strugglin' to get over the wind factor.. Either that or the alcohol dulled the sensations back then. Did ya find yourself pickin' a line and finishing two metres off??
  18. maybe pick a line and then aim 2m in then :wink: