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KLE500 windsheild

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Benlore, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have had my KLE500 for over 4 months now and put on 4000 kms commuting to work. Still on my Ls.

    I am looking at putting a slightly bigger windsheild on the bike. Any recommendations? Do you know where can I find one? I don't like the standard large triangular version that Kawasaki produces so would be looking for somthing else. One that has a quick realeas to that effect. I hear that they can be custom made so what would you recommend and why?
  2. I tried one from Eagle Screens in WA (beware, do not go to their website as it appears to have been hijacked and now downloads a virus!), look them up in yellow pages.

    They are really helpful but I would advise against their standard touring screen for the KLE, I tried it and found it to generate too much turbulence to point where it was shaking my head around! That screen has a slight curved up part at the top which makes the very top part almost vertical and based on the little I know about aerodynamics that is bound to cause a swirling effect in the airflow, not sure why they have done that. I sent back the screen I had and they did say they have a design of one that did not have the lip at the top, much like the stock screen, and they would make it to order to the length I wanted. I never followed up on it.

    Why exactly do you feel you need a taller screen? I am 6'3" and found the stock screen was not pushing the air high enough to clear my helmet but it was a very smooth airflow not turbulent. At the time some people suggested I remove the screen completely a la naked style bikes, I never tried it but having recently changed to a naked bike I find it much better!! With the KLE anything over 60kph and the noise in my helmet was almost unbearable, I resorted to wearing ear plugs even on my commute to work, now on my Z everything is much quieter and I don't need the plugs.

    Having gone through this a little I am happy to answer further questions.

  3. OK, just found the email thread I had with Eagle at the time, I tried their Wide Touring Screen (see attached pics TouringScreen1 and TouringScreen1), would not recommend this unless you are shorter than me then maybe it will work!

    The third pic, CustomScreen.jpg, is the one they said they could make to order, note how it does not have the lip at the top. Seeing as it is similar to the stock screen just longer I would expect this to work better but I have not tried it.

    Their email address was: eaglescreens@eftel.com.au

    Note I am in no way associated with the company, just a customer! They were very helpful even though I did not end up using their product so I am happy to recommend them.


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  4. Man your bike looks just like mine. L plate and givi box. I can ride the bike the way it is fine at the moment but just wondered what the extra screen would do to the comfort and noise factor. Probably reduce the noise and wind on the body but either way I am sitll enjoying the bike with the stock standard mini screen. Should take it off and see if I notice the difference.
  5. Haha! That is not actually my bike, they were the photos that Eagle Screens sent to me. Although my bike was completely stock and had an RJays topbox on it, so probably would have looked very similar anyway!!

    I would definitely suggest trying it with the screen removed, I think you will find a reduction in helmet noise.

  6. Found a pic I took when I fitted the larger screen, comparison of stock screen and new screen, not only did it not work very well it looked fugly!! :D

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