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KLE500 center stand and now also Staintune

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by munecito, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. I got one and it is great.

    Oiling the chain only takes me one minute when it used to take a lot more than that and I got also a few burns from the exhaust while rotating the tyre with a hand keeping the bike balanced.

    If your bike doesn´t have one and you are not fussy about loosing 1' of lean angle get one. The lifts are good for servicing the bike, but the center stand is quick and effective too.

    Love it.


  2. I just fitted a new pipe on the KLE. The Staintune and have to say it is BRILLIANT.

    It now sounds better, not as if it was going to cough soon. And without the restrictor at the end it is even better. I think it will make my day when I ride near people driving while on the mobile.

    Performance wise it now feels a bit more powerful and I can cruise on 4k rpm and the bike is still responsive, before I had to be somewhere between 5-6k rpm to be able to accelerate in an emergency.

    Pictures of the centre stand and the pipe soon.

  3. I dunno why any street bike doesn't have a centrestand. For the extra 2kgs, it's worth it. The real reason they aren't fitted is they can make more money by not fitting it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. I also think they all should come with a center stand and the owner should decide if they want to keep it or loose it.

  5. centre stands are cool as. Saying that I wouldnt have one on the zixxer 6 cause it could possibly grind.

    I balance on the side stand and spin the back wheel with my foot. Oil changes I have to stand the bike up straight when draining the oil.

    Cant wait to see the exhaust! :)
  6. Hi Will,

    Having just bought a KLE500 I would be interested to see the pics of the stand and exhaust. I have been wondering if a center stand would be a good thing to get.

    Did you buy it from Motorrad or somewhere else? How much was it?