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KKKKK Kingsgrove y'all

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by 7THSIN, Dec 10, 2005.

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  2. :LOL: thats awesome my dad grew up in kingsgrove, pretty sure there werent any gangstas back then
  3. and there aren't now, either, just silly little boys who dress up like silly little American boys and pretend to be something they're not.....
  4. lol... Was pretty funny..
    I've never liked australian Rap, This proves why

    I didnt think it could get any worse.. then that 9 year old started singing.
    I didnt see any Wu tang Jackets?? whats going on?

    If they had some better beats and the quality was abit better.. it might be allright. And ditched that 6 year old
  5. Actually these are the better ones Hornet.

    Try Aussies putting on US accents and talking about Hennesy, Yo mama and South Central :roll:
  6. :LOL: :LOL:

    Isn't it amazing, we get criticised for emulating the good things about the American culture, but encourage emulation of the worst of the American culture...

    Leaving aside the fact that that c-rap culture is a huge embarrassment to the vast majority of black America anyway.....
  7. Why's it a huge Embarresment?
  8. Because the vast majority of black americans are normal citizens like you and me and do not identify at all with the drug/rap/gangsta idiocy that TV and MTV picture as the normal postion for them.

    That 'culture' is as much an abberation against the normal background of black America as was Barry McKenzie's chundering antics an aberration against the normal background of our culture.
  9. what mat said. at least the dont try to be exactly liek the american "gangstarrrrrs".

    i can think of alot worse things for them to be doing than singing and producing some silly crap rap song :shock: :roll:
  10. Keep in mind 99% of Australian Hip Hop is totally different to this rubbish.

    I support and love Aus Hip Hop, but not this garbage, which is why I posted it up..

    PS.. Read the comments in the guestbook, almost as funny as the video itself!
  11. there goes 13MB of my download limit that i'm never going to get back :(
  12. but hornet you only hear the stuff on the radio and mtv etc.

    usually i don't say anything because you know better, but with this issue unfortunately, you do not know.

    you've only heard mainstream rap/hiphop.

    end rant

  13. These boys sound a lot like these boys, but nowhere near as good
  14. The what?
  15. Somebody please tell me that that video was intended as a piss-take!

  16. My housemate is a black "american" from "Detroit."

    He's the full bling bling gangstA playA type.

    Then the cops came round looking for him on charges of licence fraud. The name he gave us is false, he's really from Kenya and all the 'from the hood' crap is simply what he's gleaned from the 3-odd gigabytes of hip-hop video he downloads to MY fcukING HARD DRIVE each day while he loafs around as I'm at work.

    Having said that, I'm a big fan of NWA.
  17. Loz, that's pretty funny :LOL: