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Kiwi looking for epic cycle tour

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Johnnyb, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Hi there. New to the site but really keen to hear of any 1-2 week cycle routes. Some mates and I have always talked of jumping on some bikes and touring across the top of Australia. We're thinking remote locations, camping, offroad touring sort of thing.

    Suggestions greatly received...and tips also

  2. I am assuming you mean Motorcycle not bicycle ;) On that assumption. Winter is best, Summer is the rainy season and many roads are closed. Don't camp near slow moving rivers, crocodiles occasionally take tourists. Even in Winter is gets hot so be aware of dehydration.

    Off Road or Tarmac? The main Highway around Australia is sealed all the way but there are a lot of areas to see that are off the main drag.
    Camping or accommodation?

    If you want to go off road, one of the tour companies might be a good idea. Means you can travel light and they will look after luggage, food etc. There are a few of them around Motorbike Tours | Guided Motorcycle Tours Australia is one.