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Kitty - 1984 Katana GSX750SE

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by The Renegade, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Righto, so I bought my fantasy bike on the 8th August 2011, a 1984 GSX750 SE Katana, the pop up headlight model.

    My intention was to rebuild it so it was nice to look at and stood out.
    So I pulled it down to the frame, left the engine in (coz it was re-built before I bought it) and fixed some wiring anomalies.
    I was going to paint it but my lovely girlfriend pinched all the farings while I was away for work and had them painted for me for xmas.
    I had been thinking purple, but she reckons this blue was nicer. I think she's right. It's also got a multicoloured pearl in it.


    So now she's all back together and only has a few things left to do
    - Muffler (now on there)
    - repaintfront wheel and brakes.
    - Rego (now done)

  2. nice colro choice :) thought about running lights / led under the headlight within the nose cone? I know it 'd take away from the original look. just a thought.
  3. Here's how she looked when she first got home:


    Thanx Goddie,
    I have actually added a couple of little white LED's under the nose - main inspiration for that is that headlight switch actually has 3 positions - Off, Parkers, and Headlight - just like a car! Dunno what the original idea behind that was..... Maybe to lift the headlight popper for washing it or something.
    I'm not 100% keen to keep it all original - I"ll keep the original lines with some modernising. Future plans include later model swingarm and mid '90's GSX-R rims.
  4. I saw the thread title and clicked, thinking "Please don't ruin it, PLEASE don't ruin it" as the page loaded - this is one of my all-time favourite bikes, if only because my neighbours had one each when I was a teenager (along with a pair of Odyssey's, and a seemingly endless supply of rubber for all 4 vehicles...)
    I probably would've repainted in the original scheme myself, but I like what you've done too - well done.
  5. Ha ha ha, I get that a lot! I was thinking of sticking to the original paint, but it's already got a GSX-R front end which gives it a steeper rake and 17" front wheel so to claim it as 'original' would be a bit untrue.

    I will find another sometime soon and restore it to completely original specs just for posterity, not so much to ride it.

  6. I have very fond memories of some great rides on my 750Kat, I actually got banned from riding my bike on the RAAF Base at East Sale for unsafe riding (never overtake the WOD). She does look nice in Kwaka blue, that silver/grey they originally come out in was pox.
  7. Ha, ha, me too!

    I love the plastic on this bike, it just looks so 'Star Wars' to me, and the pop up headlamp is the ultimate accessory.

    Job well done, enjoy!
  8. Thanx for the nice comments guys, much appreciated.
  9. Noice. Always like the 750 more than the 1100, for some bent reason, myself. I think the styling just captures the 80s.

    Now you need a matching Subaru vortex.
  10. HA! I had a turbo vortex some years back. Went from that into an N12 Pulsar Exa Turbo. Guess I just like sharp square lines.......
  11. I shit you not: one the boys next door also had an EXA!
    I preferred the Fiat X1.5 at that time...
  12. Nice to drive but only fits if you have the legs of a midget and the arms of an orang-utan :D.
  13. I always wanted to do a Vortex convertable...
  14. NK, the fiat would have been an x1.9 ?? Little coupe that nobody sees with the removable roof [targa] styled by pinafiori? or something like that, old school mate's old man used to sell fiats, we'd wag school and pinch one out of the driveay of his home and drive round our suburbs 'back in my day' and the X1.9 was a cute car, pulled the chicks in lol [so we thought]
  15. Haha my failing memory - I think you're right!
    (I was convinced it was 1.5 too :D)
  16. Despite the name the engine was a 1.3. Maybe 1.5 in the dying years so maybe that is where the confusion comes from.

    x1/9 was another designation variation.

    Going pretty cheap these days.
  17. bloody same color we hooned in too lol

    and yes the 1.5 motor was slipped in towards the end

    if that little baby was turbo'd and had decent brakes it would have been a little ripper

    but as someone mentioned earlier [if you are a jockey!!]
  18. Well, how much would you pay for a small pile of brown dust :D.
  19. Here's what I spent my w/end doing: (I'll stick up a pic of them back on the bike when they're on it)

  20. Get work mate.
    Love those oldies!