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Kitt's Birthday on Friday

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ZX9A6, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Happy Birthday Kitt for Friday

    Hope that covers it......getting in early Just might forget:angel:....how could I forget8-[

    Xxoo Bruce
  2. this is void till Friday :)
  3. My eyes hurt...
  4. I will be flying internationally on Friday evening (riding during the day.. ;) ) so here's early best birthday wishes for you Kitt.
    Hope it's a wonderful day for you (y)
  5. Talk about getting in early. Is this because you won't have time to post on Friday because you will be busy whipping up a cake?
  6. hippity barthday tor fomorrow!
  7. Hey, Happy Birthday you.

    See you on Sat.
  8. Kitt, a very big happy birthday.
    Have a great time with that nice man of yours
  9. Happy birthday Kitt - have a great day/weekend!!! :D

    See ya soon ...

  10. Happy birthday!!
  11. Happy Birthday Kitt!!!

  12. Happy b'day Kitty Kat. See you around.
  13. Happy Birthday Chick - Have a great weekend :)
  14. Thanx heaps everyone ,

    been a long day at work , but now I'm home let the:beer: begin ...
  15. :birthday::birthday:
  16. Managed to post early and managed to post late so statistically I figure I hit your birthday dead centre.

    Happy birthday for yesterday from Liz and me. Hope it was a good one. See you tonight, if Arc doesn't get us lost.