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Kittiminx crashes her bike - UPDATE 7

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by raven, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Visiting Sophie:

    Netrider Fundraiser BBQ ride on Anzac Day.
    Come along, have a snag or two, and meet some of the other Netriders that you often see on these Forums. :grin:
    Should be a great day out!


    An account has been set up by Chef for people who would like to contribute to the Kittiminx fund.
    BSB 033063
    ACC 178034


    Just to let everyone know, Kittiminx had a serious accident today while on a casual ride in the Black Spur, with myself (Raven) and Caroline (Pinkxie).
    It appears that both her wrists are broken and she has a compound fracture of her left leg, after running head-on into an oncoming car. :(
    It's probable that her nice little baby blade is a write-off...
    We were resting at the midway point and were not with Sophie at the time of her accident, so we aren't able to explain what happened.
    ...But it has left us quite shaken...

    At this point we do not know which hospital she has been taken to, so we haven't been able to visit her yet.
    Hopefully her family will let us know in due course...

    If the family consents, when we find out we'll let you know what hospital she's in if any of you wish to visit.

    John and Caroline.

  2. Thats really bad news and I hope she's ok.
  3. Not good to hear. some really serious injuries there.
    Well i wish Kittiminx a good recovery.
    DAMN S&*t Drivers.
  4. Gotta take it easy there, we don't know what happened.

    That sucks! She's gonna be off the bike for awhile! Best of luck to her.
  5. Thats not good to hear. Hope she recovers quickly and well.

  6. thats bad news :( Hope she has a speedy recovery
  7. Not Good!

    Hope you get better real quick Kittiminx.
  8. Ok i take that back. This comment might come out once the full story is out
  9. Hope you get better soon, you'll get to coffee one day
  10. :shock: :cry: God Speedy recovery Kittiminx, sounds like you got off lightly for a head-on...hope so! Peace'n'a hug from a stranger but fellow newbie NRer, Yakka :)
  11. hope she recovers quickly.
  12. I hope you a quick recovery. Pity to hear about the accident.

  13. Oh My Goodness!!!

    So sad to read of kittiminx's accident
    I hope she recovers quickly and completely and jumps back into the saddle as soon as she can

    healing vibes from us here too

    Tracey and Phil
  14. Bummer, sorry to hear about that. Hope you get better real quick.

  15. Terrible to hear. One thing to be glad of though, and that is if she had a head on, she's lucky to be alive and with so few injuries. For as serious as they sound, it could've been much worse.

    Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.
  16. Damn sounds nasty!! :shock: \
    Regards to her and her family hope she fully recovers to ride again!
  17. OMG! That sounds nasty. :( John, when you find out where she is, be sure to let us know.

    Here's hoping for a full recovery. :)
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    Really sorry to hear about your accident, kittiminx :( Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  19. Ouch, that sounds nasty, sad to hear about this.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, hopefully you'll be back out and about soon enough. Hopefully she's in good spirits, keep us posted.

    Hope yourself (John) and caroline are coping ok.

  20. Re: kittiminx crashes her bike

    Ouch, that made me cringe :cry:

    I did a search on her and looked at her posts here on netrider. She sounds like a nice person with lots of enthusiasm for riding. I wouldn't blame her if she never wants to ride again though as this would be a huge scare.

    I feel really sad for her, poor thing :( :oops:

    This was her bike