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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. They were born last Thursday. Not sure of sex/colour. Pics will be available soon.

    If anyone is interested, please email francine.stathis@clariant.com


  2. I know someone who would love a kitten, are they yours Lids or a friends?
  3. kittens

    I would love a kitten. :)
    Are they short or long haired?
    I wish i had one of them right now to cheer me up,because i've just gotten back from having a very painful blood test and i'm sitting here crying in pain feeling sorry for myself :-({|= (i know get over it!!)
    Any way you can PM me details if you want ,thanks Lids, cheers
  4. Flipper wrote:
    Deb, no they are not mine (I wish!!). Girl from work - her aunty's cat had them.

    If anyone is interested, please send an email to francine.stathis@clariant.com. I'm off to Sydney tomorrow for 4 days and won't be online.

    Pics will be available soon.

  5. Oh and I've got a cat scratching post (new) selling for $100. It's got 2 little platforms, and a cute house on the bottom.
  6. Our neighbours moved out recently leaving their very friendly, cute, and adorable (yes, I'm an animal lover!) pregnant less than 1 yr old behind [-X :evil: :evil: :evil:

    We looked after it for a few days before unfortunately giving it to the Keysborough Animal Shelter. (our 2 existing cats wouldn't have let it and the kittens assimilate into the family) They tell us 3 kittens were born early last week :)

    Anyway, the point being that if Lids friend runs out and people still want some kittens, then Keysborough Animal Shelter has a few, if they haven't already been allocated to adoptee's. The mother cat itself will be up for adoption too, if anyone wants a very nice young cat without having to go through the kitten pains.
  7. Mouth wrote:
    Thanks for your post Mouth. We got Simba, our puddy cat from the RSPCA a few months ago. She is probably around 18 months old and was found with a litter of 6. The kittens were adopted out fairly quickly - apparently they were really cute!! We decided to adopt Simba as she was on death row.

    Trying to con my sister into getting a kitten but I don't think it will go down well with Simba.

    :D :D
  8. If you can provide a home for an orphan cat, its worth it. Yes, they grow up, but if you raise a cat right, you'll have a great friend so long as its convenient with the cat... :p

    I adopted my two cats after we found them in the back of shed near the Western Highway. Initially we thought some heartless bastard had dumped them, but we later learned they were kittens of a local stray. We got them at 6 weeks old - two tiny skeletons. I was initially going to feed them for a couple of days and take them to a shelter for adoption, but after I found out shelters keep them for a few weeks and then destroy them if they're not homes, I just couldn't do it. They'd already had one rough start in life - I wasn't about to send them (potentially) to their deaths. So they stayed...

    They're nearly 2yrs now, and very healthy, although I blame the other half for the fact they've got serious psychological issues.

    Or maybe they're just cats. I can never tell.
  9. If there is any more posts suggesting/incinuating cruelty to animals in here, those people will be immediately removed. You've already had the hint by having your posts deleted.

    Cruelty to animals is in no way funny, especially when this is not the humour forum.
  10. wake up !
    1st : no one said they were going to be cruel to any animal
    2nd: It is light HUMOUR ,nothing more than will be bandied about by there work mates or said at HQ if the topic was brought up for christ sakes.
    3rd: Cats are a delicacy in some nationalalitys, so eating is not suggesting or incinuating creulity.
    4th. It seems that the politics and safety thread you can say anything you want , and the moderators are not concerned about it , but having a little joke gets treated like we were sitting at your kitchen table skinning a bloody cat for dinner, maybe more time concentrating on the politics threads and less time worrying about piss ant issues like this may be more justifiable.
    5th. if this is bad enough to be removed so be it ,

    but my suggesstion to anyone who was offended dont leave your fantasy world where everything is pretty , warm and fuzzy.
  11. I don't think it was any given offence Glen, moreso just "not appropriate", given the topic of, and reason behind this thread. I'm not pointing at anyone specific here - just a general impression of why they were culled.

    Lets help these kittens find a good home. We can joke about it all later once everyone is warm and well-fed.
  12. Appologies if my post offended, it was not my intention nor in my nature. I'm a dog person (2 mini dachunds) and my family have had cat vs. dog slanging matches for ever. If anyone was offended then I'm more than happy for the posts to have been removed. I in no way condone violence to animals.
  13. This shits me, IRRESPONSABLE cat owners.

    THEY (cat owners) should be desexed.................friggin cat owners.

    I am a proud owner of two siamese cats and it just pisses me off that people are quick to have cats and not take on the responsabity of having pets. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    And those SCUMBAGS living next door to Mouth that shot thru leaving the prego queen behind they should be NUTTED.
  14. I have owned 2 cats , one with 3 legs (amputated when attacked by a dog) and a tom cat
    I have owned dogs

    currently have 5 bubble eyed fish , 3 hermet crabs and a budgie named snot (named by the kids)
    i like animals.
    it was humour , as i pointed out , worse would have been said at coffee night or at HQ in a party if the same topic had of been brought up.
    lets keep the deleting and the moderating , to what should be moderated and leave the rest alone.
  15. In addition to all the worthy places listed above, there is also the Lort Smith in North Melbourne, and the Lost Dogs Home (which also take cats, IIRC), plus the Western Suburbs Cat Shelter. Anything anyone can do for these places is always appreciated.
  16. How about we start pulling our heads in. :evil:

    The moderators will do what the moderators feel the need to do.

    They dont take orders from any member of these forums.

    I appreciate your concerns however.
  17. Give him a warning, Vic. Go on, give him a warning.

    //chant mode = ON


    // chant mode = OFF
  18. If everyone was responsible and desexed their pets (unless they are to be kept for RESPONSIBLE breeding purposes), there wouldn't be homeless animals.
    If people can't afford to desex their new pet, they can't afford to own a pet, IMO.
    Good luck with finding the kittens homes - once they are at least 6 weeks old they will be old enough to go to their new owners...
    Giving pets away for any reason is not easy - but they should only be given to GOOD homes (as most of the netriders here can provide, I would guess)...
    A GOOD home is one that:
    Will get their pet the appropriate vaccinations (and boosters) at the appropriate ages;
    Will desex their pet before it is 9 months old if it is not for breeding.
    Will get their pet permanently identified (microchip), and council registered;
    And will provide endless LOVE, FOOD, CARE and COMFORT for the length of the pet's life.
  19. yer ummm.... was probably a bit distasteful. i'm sure our comments weren't really needed in this thread :oops: