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Kits to speed up scooters??

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by edgelett, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. My brother recently bought an old Yamaha Jog 50cc scooter.

    though he loves it, the scoot really struggles up flagstaff road here in Adelaide, which my bro lives at the top of. it does about 30 going up that hill.

    he's heard about kits to increase the power etc of scooters - can anyone point me to a website or group & can point him towards that can help with this??

  2. get a license and get a bigger bike!
  3. I've heard of them - they are called pedals... :LOL:

    Seriously, I suspect that some simple mods would help.
    I'm certain some of the scooter people here could help. I've seen (and herad) a few heavily modified scooters getting around lately.

  4. depends how serious you want to get into the mods.

    can go for a new exhaust or carb or you can go all out and get them plus a 70cc kit (malossi among other brands).

    just go down to any good scooter shop and they'll be able to help.
  5. It's called NOS :cool: Instant 40RHP
  6. Seriously...it's 50cc. How much power do you expect to gain? 1 or 2hp for a few hundred bucks.
    Just ditch the thing and buy a cb250 or similar. I honestly can't understand this scooter craze. People paying 5-6 grand for a whipper snipper motor with lots of plastic thrown on. They'd be much better off with a vtr250 or cb250. Same fuel economy, no 2 stroke oil and 3 times the power. They actually have gears and decent brakes too. Not to mention the ergonomic and handling improvements.
  7. Yamaha Jogs have a black/white wire coming out of the CDI that restricts power. Snip the wire and full power is restored. Ring the Yamaha help desk and they will give you more details.

    It was designed so the bike could be sold to markets that have restrictions on scooter power and the markets with no restictions could just cut the wire.
  8. that's what I keep telling him!
  9. i saw a scooter last night that had blue neons :?

  10. Whats wrong with a bit of 'Bling Bling" on a scoot ?
  11. Did you point and laugh?
    Whenever I pull up next to a guy on a scooter I always ask where he fits his purse :p
  12. cool thanks for that Pete.

    for the dissenters out there bagging him for complaining about his slow scooter, he paid $600 for it, not 5-6 grand. He bought it off a mate.

    Jono - he's taken off the original exhaust & replaced it with the exhaust from his racing go-kart!!! problem is though, it actually is quite big & in order to get it on the scoot, he had to remove the covering from the motor. He calls it his "naked bike".
  13. Doing that would be sure to loose some back pressure and not help the top end speed any???
    (if it's too big)
  14. don't get me wrong it's not ENORMOUS, it's an exhaust from a go-kart.

    I'll try & get some photos of it to explain how it looks.
  15. A mate buys Ct110 postie bikes, does 'em up and flogs 'em. He has a couple that he's put nitro kits on. Unfortunately, though, they're a limited use item, as the motor seems to want to lunch itself if the nitro is used for any extended period. He usually fires it up if he's walking distance from home, as the past two times that the motors have died, he had a considerable push ahead of him...
  16. Thats gold....a naked scooter. hehehe :p .

    maybe i should do that to mine??? :shock: :wink:
    and forget what the others say when they try and give your bro crap. Who cares! He'll be the one laughing when they see how much fun he is having.
  17. Hey i also know someone who does them up and sells them off. You can actually get good money for them when they look sweet.
  18. Again here we go. One sector of motorcyclist bagging another. Who cares if you ride a scoot or the latest sports bike. As long as your on two wheels who cares.

    Every one has to start somewhere. What was your first bike OutbreakMonkey. I bet it wasnt a GSXR1000.
  19. Fitting the go-kart exhaust may have slowed him down as 2-stroke exhausts have tuned lengths.

    A bloke at work here has a 50cc Yam scoot and he said that his had a restrictor plate in it that needed drilling out or removing. Once that was done (by a mechanic in his case) it went much fasterer. Not sure if its on the carby or the exhast though...