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Kiteboard or surf rack

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Blizwire, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    I'm getting a motorcycle to get to/from work and I figured, hey why not use it to get to the beach? I've been on google and I searched the forum for some easy to install (and fairly cheap) solution on how to mount a surfboard or a twin tip board on the side of the bike, but all I have found are kind of sketch DIY ones or racks for scooters..

    It would be awesome to fit my 7'4 surfboard on the side, but since I'm just a newbie I guess I'll stick to just mounting a kite board until I'm a more comfortable rider. Any tips on where I can find a motorbike rack that would fit a 135cm kite board to a bike like say a Honda VTR 250?

  2. Hey, no answers? =/ Anyway, I've got a Honda CB125E and I would like to mount either my 6'2 surfboard or a 135cm kite board on it.
    There are lots of racks for scooters and mopeds but can't find any for motorcycles. Plus most of them would not comply with NSW laws anyway since the board can't extend more than 30cm to the back and nothing on the sides (most moped racks makes the board extend a lot to the back since they mount the board to the very back of the bike).
    Any tips would be very helpful! Thanks guys
  3. you could try just using regular straps. I've done this with my 6'4" on my CB600. I used the pillion foot rest for the tail and oggy knobs to keep the nose away from the forks. Straps ran under the seat - two straps, as tight as you can go; make sure the board does not move and you can still brake and change gear effectively (like in an emergency). Board stayed within regulations and didnt move when I turned at speed.

    Worked ok for me. Just make sure no straps fly about and the board stays well away from the bike.