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Kit advice

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Vintagegirl2010, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Advice needed!! I'm a newbie rider and wanting to get hold of a good leather riding jacket with safety features, I don't want to lose my skin. It has to look good too! Also any advice on helmets, I want a new one, the one I've got is probably very safe but so huge and heavy. cheers !

  2. bikebiz
    bike gear warehouse

    all online sales, have a browse, alpinestars are the number 1 jacket everyone is buying
  3. Thanks. I'll definitely check it out.
  4. Online is usually cheaper, but you must NOT buy leather gear without trying it on, and then preferably sitting on the bike in the correct riding position. It's the only way you can tell if it is going to fit properly in the real world. They all look shiny-shiny in the shop, but...
  5. Shark helmets are very light ! just bought a Shark RSi - love it
  6. You say it must look good. That's obviously subjective; but given your interest in 'everything vintage', classic bikes and rockabilly, I'm going to go out on a limb and say you won't like the look of most mainstream gear.

    I think your best bet will be Walden Miller. http://www.waldenmiller.com.au/about.html, unless you can find some second hand gear on ebay or elsewhere.

    Have you thought about other gear? Pants, boots, gloves

    Regarding the helmet: they all feel big and heavy if you're not used to wearing one. The more expensive ones tend to be lighter though, and if you have a really small head then a 'youth size' helmet might be better.
  7. Have you already got your other gear sorted out and just need to buy a helmet and jacket ? Reason I ask is that the jacket and helmet is only one part of the picture.

    Safety gear is one of these things that people debate passionately. At one end are riders who wear a full leather suit to ride just to ride to work, and at the other end are riders who will get around in sneakers and a t-shirt !!! Funnily enough I have friends who go to both extremes.

    I personally have settled for:
    (1) Shoei Helmet
    (2) R-Jays leather jacket
    (3) Dainese leather gloves
    (4) Draggin jeans
    (5) Medium size leather R-Jays boots

    For a kit like mine expect to pay around $1,750. If your willing to spend more then you can go a hell of alot higher !!!

    If your based in Sydney head down to Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket in Auburn. They have a huge range and the staff know their stuff. Even better there is no pressure selling :)

    If you go for known brand names and check that it is a good quality leather I think your most of the way there. In a store like MCAS you can get all the gear at once and make sure it all looks nice together.

    By the way I have nothing to gain from promoting MCAS, I've just bought alot of stuff there and find the staff great to deal with.
  8. Cool!
    And how comfy are your sunnies to wear in that helmet?
  9. Thanks guys. Good points and info I'll check out. I've got some gear, mostly good boots and jacket I need. roh, you're right, I do like a different style to a lot of what's out there, but at the same time it is better not to buy online because how can you know it's going to fit right? Mind you a friend of mine decked herself out almost completely via online and all turned out good. When I was young we used to ride around in thongs and tshirts on a highway and dirt roads. Those were the days....young and stupid
  10. The best advice I can give is to go into a few motorcycle shops, have a look around, find what you think might be good, then try it on. If it fits properly and is comfortable, and you can afford it, buy it, or go on line and, now you know what size you need, buy it online.

    With helmets specifically. Don't just put it on and say "yep that's the one for me." Make sure you do the strap up and leave it on for at least 10 minutes, longer is better. It should be a bit tight when new, but it shouldn't cause pain. If it causes pain, it's either too small or the shell/lining is the wrong shape for your head. Given you done this, now (with the helmet still on) tilt your head forward, grab the back of the helmet and try and pull it off your head. If it comes off, even slightly, it's either too big or the shell/lining is the wrong shape for your head. Try different models within a brand or even different brands.

    Personally, the only brand the fits me properly is HJC, and even then it's only the CS or FS models.

    Don't forget that if you wear glasses they must also fit inside the helmet.

    When I first started out I bought my jacket, pants and boots second hand from cash converters. I bought the helmet and gloves brand new. Don't ever ever wear a second hand helmet.

    In short, buy the best gear you can afford that fits you properly.
  11. Ditto what GM20 said - Shark helmets are very lightweight. Mine is an RSI too. It is a lot lighter and quieter than the HJC helmet I had before, and they come in pretty cool designs too.
  12. That's why I suggested WM, because they're in SA and according to their website, they have a retail outlet at the factory. Pricey though.

    I managed to buy two jackets over the 'net, and they both fit well (one WM, one Belstaff, both second hand and quite old), so it is possible with a bit of luck.