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Kissy Suzuki

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by movin, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. Yes I like my Bandit but not that much :roll:
    Checking my email this morn and Yahoo mail was doing a special on all the past Bond girls, to celebrate the opening of Quantum Solace.
    Does anyone remember Kissy Suzuki :?: I didnt


  2. I do. She hasn't changed a bit, since I last saw her.
  3. Ah Kissy Suzuki from "You Only Live Twice." :grin:
  4. Now that is the only suzuki I would ride. :LOL:
  5. You would squash her, you big bugger. Pork someone your own size.
  6. I don't remember her, but Hermione Honda DOES stick in my mind :p :LOL:.

  7. Like a Goldwing.

    Built for comfort, not speed.
  8. Paul, enough is enough....................
  9. Nothing wrong with fat chicks.

    The bigger the boat, the smoother the ride.

    Sorry, shouldnt say "fat chicks". The politically correct term is "the grateful type".
  10. Fat is just a descriptive term, like red, however society has made the veiw on the word bad.

    I've seen a youtube video of a largish woman saying how its only a descriptive term, and nothing as a put-down term... cant find it atm.

    Just like the titanic? :LOL: