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(KISS) A Request

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doonx, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. seriously.

    I would like anyone who feels like they'd like to assist me to dig up, research, find out, look at blah blah blah as much KISS trivia (yes, KISS as in the band) as is possible, and pose it to me as a questions.

    You may either post it here, or PM me your questions, I don't mind which. I need to be tested, and tested hard!

    You don't know how much I will appreciate this, and it's not just to feed my obsession, nor anything to do with the concert at the F1 GP in March. I need as much KISS trivia as you can find!!!

    When the time is right, I will explain all :grin:
  2. Q. What's so special about their name being up in lights behind them?
  3. It's like advertising, the audience get sensory overload of their name and logo?
  4. Nope, but thanks for playing.

    A. They were the first band to have their name up in lights behind them.
  5. that's good cookeetree, thanks. Keep it up !
  6. How did they get the idea of painting their faces in such patterns?
  7. Each member came up with their own design. They said that each of them tried to paint their face to represent their own personality or fantasy role:

    Gene - Demon
    Paul - Starchild
    Ace - Spaceman
    Peter - The Cat
  8. Who was head of their security when the guitarist accidentally shot himself hunting?
  9. dunno, but I don't need to know who was on their staff at any time, just about their lives and music.

    I have never heard of any of them shooting themselves while hunting. Who was it and when did this supposedly happen?
  10. Michael Francis - he wrote a killer book about (amongst other bands) being their minder for a few tours. "Starman"

    During one of the tours, the guitarist shot himself accidentally, or one of the other guys he was with shot him. He was absolutely plastered at the time and the security staff were crapping themselves he was going to bleed to death because his blood was so thinned from all the booze he had drunk and kept drinking.

    I -think- it was on a recent tour, it was the original guitarist. Not the biggest kiss fan in the world, but for some reason it stuck out. I'm thinking late 90's, and it was Ace?

    Sorry to be so vague! I'll see if i can dig up the book.
  11. Which of the solo albums was 'Snow Blind' on?

    Who was the first drummer to replace Peter Criss? The first guitarist to replace Ace Frehley? What were their makeup 'characters'?

    Give approximate dates for when the makeup stopped, and when it started again.

    Who was the song 'Plaster Caster' written about? (The name, not just the story.)

    What was Paul Stanley's signature guitar and which company makes it? What was odd about the one he often used?
  12. interesting stuff - i'll investigate

    if it was late 90's and drunk, it almost certainly was Ace
  13. So when are you on "The Einstein Factor"?
  14. awww thats what I was going to ask =D
  15. nice try peeps.

    Keep the Q's comin' !!!
  16. Where's my answers, bish? ;)
  17. Name KISS's double albums
  18. When the original line up re-formed in the late 90's for a world tour, Ace had to re-learn all of the lead breaks, who taught him?

    Who is Gene married to?

    What was the name of the bad that Paul and Gene were in before forming Kiss?
  19. Sorry dude - I missed this

    Snow Blind is on Ace's solo album

    Peter Criss was officially replaced by Eric Carr who was the Fox
    Ace Frehley was replaced by Vinnie "The Wiz" Vincent who was the Egyptian Warrior and whose make up was that of an Egyptian Ankh

    Make Up off at the end of the 1983 World Tour in Brazil, approximately June 1983. Make Up back on at the 1996 Grammy Awards, early 1996, can't recall month.

    That Chick that used to make Plaster Casts of all the guys doodles that she slept with, can't remember her name

    For years Paul used Ibanez guitars, recently he endorsed Washburn Guitars. When you say "odd about the one he often used" - do you mean a past guitar or a current one ?