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Kink in chain

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Comrade, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Was cleaning and lubing the chain today when i noticed a kink in it.

    Trying to unkink it with just my hands but that kink wasn't going anywhere.

    Any tricks i can try to sort this out at home? Or is this a sign to replace. Unfortunately i don't know how many Kms the chain has done.


    PS: I tried searching the forum as i thought this would have already been addressed somewhere but didn't get any hits.
  2. Does the kink come out when the chain rolls around the sprockets? Is your chain loose? Tighten it up if it is. The fact that you can't get rid of the kink with your bare hands doesn't mean too much - chains are pretty 'stiff' generally.

  3. If you're looking for a new chain, I have an XYT 530 chain that an ebay seller sent me as an extra by mistake, if interested let me know ASAP, asking $75 for it. I am in Essendon so not far from you
  4. No it's there all the time.

    I thought the slack was ok. I'll double check it before my ride to work tomorrow.

  5. It might simply be a frozen link. Try giving the link a good clean and spray. if you can't move the link by hand try inserting a thin screwdriver in the link either side and levering up and down to try to get some motion out of the link and if it does free up give a generous lube. If this works keep an eye on it to ensure it stays free.

    if this doesn't work sounds like the chain is cactus.

    That link aside how is the chain condition? Is it good or is it stuffed and the link in question is just the worst bit.
  6. set the chain tension.
    pull the chain away from the sprocket at the mid point and if it comes out further than the end of the teeth its rooted..
    the kink may come good after a good clean and lube,
  7. If it comes out further than the end of a tooth it is definitely rooted. More than half a tooth it is pretty close to stuffed.

    BTW how many k's the chain has done is largely irrelevant. Some people get bugger all and some people get lots. How the chain has been maintained has a lot to do with this. The question is is the chain OK or not.
  8. Should I bag a grey BM rider for giving chain advice?


    Nah. Especially when I agree. I get fairly good wear out of chains and sprockets and tyres, because I maintain them and I ride (much of the time) like the toothless semi crippled grandfather that I am. That means keeping the pressures right, keeping the tension right, and keeping the beast oiled. Do it a little and often, not rarely and much. I lube the chain and set the tyre pressures every time I put fuel in the bike. I buy top quality chains and sprockets and I expect to get 40,000 plus out of them. The whole bike get's used quite hard sometimes, but as a matter of habit I ride very gently, and I stay off dirt roads. If it's raining, I lube it as frequently as it's practical to do.

    It's better to have nearly anything on the chain to form a grey layer, than bare bright shiny steel. Old sump oil. Cooking oil. Butter. Anything is better than nothing at all.

    I knew (online) a guy in the excited states who was an aircraft load-master for NorthWest Airlines, and an R1 owner. He was a pretty quick street rider and canyon guy, but his first love was drag racing, and he started racing as a teen on the first 5-valve exup. He used WD-40. Swore by it. Not my choice, but he reckons that's all he's ever used, and he uses a little bit every time he gets on the bike and his chains last, and they run sub-ten-second passes. I don't recommend it - I merely repeat the story.
  9. ...WD40 has very light fraction components in it that will degrade budget O-rings. It's also "thin enough" to potentially sneak behind the O-rings and dilute the factory lube. Both these effects really only occur over time and with consistent exposure, so it's not an instant fail for a sealed chain, but the likelihood of reducing chain life goes up. Not everyone who uses WD40 experiences reduced chain life... but one thing is for sure, no one who uses commercial chain lubes experiences a chain life failure because of the lube. This is a definite possibility with WD40.

    Lube is really needed under the roller and less so on the actual chain itself - there a long thread about it on NR - Cejay kicked it off. Anything that will get in under the roller will provide some benefit - even vegetable oil if you apply it often and with care.

    OP, if you have a kink, you have chain wear. Budget for a new chain and sprockets in the next little while ($250 - $400). You might not realise that you're riding a worn chain... wait till you get your chain and sprockets replaced, it will feel like a new bike.

    Have a read of this for more info: http://www.dansmc.com/rearchain.HTM
  10. To be honest I don't know how to tell if the chain is ok or not. Perhaps if you a quick five minutes at the next Saturday learner session, I can pick your brain on the matter

    What I do know is I maintain it best I can. I clean the chain with Kero and use motorex lube every 3 refills. Lube more often if riding in the wet.

    The kink seems to have smoothed out a bit since the last clean and lube. I'll try some of the suggestions here to see if i smooth it out further.

    Thanks everyone.
  11. There are a couple of BM's with chains. Not many. And not sure what the new S1000RR has but wouldn't be surprised if it was chain.

    But given I have two chain driven bikes in the garage and only one shafty I had had to quickly to get up to speed with chain maintenance.
  12. Ah ...

    Yes, I remembered the F800 thingie but I forgot all about the S1000RR. That very much has a chain.