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Kings Way via Westgate - Davenport Billboard

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by es, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. Has anyone else noticed how weird this billboard model looks? shes been photo shopped so much that she doesnt look like a woman anymore. Her head is smaller than her breasts and looks very manly.

    Do you think she looks a bit weird?

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  2. what are they selling?
  3. undies, looks a bit like loz don't you think ;)
  4. 1: Yes she looks weird, I agree, bad photoshopping.
    2: Underwear
  5. id still tap it :)
  6. Glad someone said it (otherwise I would have had to).
  7. well im sure if u popped those undies off a 3rd leg wouldnt pop out (i hope)
  8. Are you entirely sure of that?
  9. All my single ladies...
  10. isn't she some athlete though?
  11. She's the swimmer, Stephanie Rice - see below for a well tucked set of wheels...

  12. wooo no 3rd leg there, im in
  13. Stephanie Rice is a Hot woman.
    In that Add she looks like a man.
    That is a $HIT Add to make her look so BAD!
    She should be appalled at that pic of her