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Kings Way On Ramp

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. Have any of you been affected by this latest retarted idea that PrickToads have come up with??

    The absolute spankers have decided to close one lane of the Kings Way on ramp to the Westgate fwy.

    The single brain cell from pricktoads said it was a month long trial (great, just as school holidays is starting) to guage how it effects the traffic merging onto the clusterfcuk they have created called the WestGate FWY.

    I would love to be in a chopper looking down on that fwy at peak hour. I see it every day. The minute you get over the bridge it is a nice clean steady run in either direction.

    It really is an amazing piece of work by the dipshits that are supposed to be in charge of the roads.

    They slowed the traffic down to 80km/h going over the bridge because people were sightseeing? so they cause the whole 4 lanes of traffic to bank up. But if that wasn't enough, hey, lets throw in some greed cameras and get people to go past them at 20km/h slower than the current limit so we can cause the traffic to bank up for several kilometers.

    If we can frustrate motorists enough with a substandard road network maybe they might consider taking pubic transport.

    Venting I am :)
  2. who the f#@&k is running that joint? They get all the 'Speed camera quarterly' and other dirty magazines like that, which would be telling them that SPEED CAMERAS CAUSE CONGESTION, SNARLS AND ACCIDENTS
  3. Yep, many of the roads in Melbourne are a disaster. I hope the new Scoresby Freeway will be better designed than the Hallam bypass part of the South Eastern Freeway (the bit that's been open just on two years I think). You're in the left lane merging with traffic coming up the right lane from the Hastings freeway part, just before the Heatherton Road exit. Shear idiocy. People travelling at 80kmph trying to move across traffic at 120kmph to exit at Heatherton Rd. Whatever happened to flyovers people?
  4. This little jewel of enlightenment (idea from D1ckroads that is) is getting plenty of comment from the radio traffic reports, and has already caused several minor collisions. Plus causing major disruption on other adjoining arteries. I think you are indeed right Vic, that it seems to have become policy to make private vehicle usage so unpleasant that people give it up and support the public transport corporates instead. No other good reason for this move.
    Kind of reminds me of Yarra City Councils "Fortress Yarra" traffic policy which was intended to push people onto public transport.
  5. They've got to make public transport a damn site better. I don't mind paying a premium for an excellent service and I don't mind a crap service if I pay bargain basement prices but I can't abide paying premium prices for a crap service such as 'Con-the-Next' (person) is providing. When I had my off I caught the train for three weeks, a total of 30 times. In that time - 10 trains were cancelled, 10 were more than 10 minutes late, 5 were late by less than 10 minutes. The rest were on time or early. Therefore out of 30 trains 25 were not on time. Am I entitled to compensation as more than 3% (I think that's the new figure) are cancelled or late. Apparently not as those 25 trains make up only about 0.0000001% of the total number of trains that run in a month and when combined with all the other late trains on the network it's still less than 3%. What a joke.
  6. too right... I remember they would display the 'Service Levels' on the smarT arraY trams, and they'd be barely over over most months, and often be well below into the 'compensatory' levels.

    And yet, with all those robots in 5 litre petrol guzzlers with no passengers, the motorcyclists are still getting the raw end of the stick.
  7. Not to mention peak hour trains already run at way over capacity, and adding more people to the mix isn't going to work. Ever tried getting on the train at Richmond for the Frankston line at around 5-5:30? It doesn't happen - you physically can't push yourself onto the train, and every stop the people who fall out of the doors need to get back on.

    Moreover though, there is no secure parking at stations - everyone I know who's parked at the station regularly has had their car damaged, broken into or stolen.

    No thanks. Fix the fcuking roads.
  8. I was wondering what that huge line coming out of that on-ramp was caused by!!!
  9. Hmmmm, this could actually be a good idea !?!
    The amount of traffic that banks-up on the Fwy itself (exiting the tunnel) because of this dual lane entrance is phenominal. Getting onto the fwy from the ramp is horendous because at the ramp/fwy meet point you have fwy traffic all trying to merge left for the next exit at the same times cars are trying to merge right to get onto the fwy and miss all the traffic trying to get left. So you have both the fwy and the ramp both stuffed because of this poor fwy design ... reducing teh ramp to one lane instead of two might actually help alleviate the problem somewhat and both the fwy and ramp might just move a little move smoothly???
  10. organised for myself and 8 mates to come via the city bypass to crown to watch batman begins, gave ample time and all of us got screwed by this desision, half of us missed the film and the other half were late :?
  11. Nope, the problem with cars trying to get to footscray road is minimal.
    Kings way is now banked right back as far as St.Kilda road and it is taking drivers up to 45 minutes to go from the Carlton Crest to the on ramp.
    It's the congestion caused by the westgate fwy with its reduced greed limits that is the root of the problem.

    Oh and the fact that the knob jockeys havent sign posted it adequately and people are coming up to it at a great rate fo knots only to find their lane ends with a big fat reflector staring at you. Trust me, I nearly hit it last night.
    There is one VMS sign that is tucked away on the reserve just after the brake? joint, you see it at the last minute if you are looking for it, if not, its easy to miss.

    Trust me the minute you get over the bridge its free flowing traffic.
  12. Sorry Nodz, but I could let the opportunity pass.......it's not a FREEWAY it's a TOLLWAY
  13. The cynic in me is thinking it's a Transurban/Bracks Government plot to encourage people to jump into the tunnel by giving tunnel users a better run through to the Bolte & WG Bridges :shock:

    After all they narrowed Toorak, Mt Alex & Footscray Roads when CLink first opened :roll:

    In their defence, they have to try things. This one isn't working so they need to move onto the next idea :wink:
  14. When the Flinders St overpass was made, the road to Footscray was the highway. New Footscray road had only 2 or 3 lights. We used to use them as start lights for the drags on Sat nights.
    The overpass was great because the Kings rd traffic went under and off to Nth Melb etc without the snarls.
    Things have changed now. But I think the snarls will come back when a major road like kings way is halted because a car wants to go down Flinders St. Bit stupid I think.

    The westgate should be 100 unless weather conditions make it unsafe. The two left lanes should allow lane crossing but not the right lane. Stops idiots flying past everyone and then crossing all lanes to turn left.