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Kings of Leon

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by simon varley, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. yes! Just got my tickets for MCG. can't wait.

  2. hahaha MCG... yer right.... KOL are not that good that they can sell out MCG.. more like Rod Laver Arena ....
  3. oops! you're right. been a long day.
  4. How did you do that? I thought tickets went on sale to the public on Monday Dec 6th.
  5. sign up on the frontier touring website and you'll get a password that lets you access the presales tickets. Don't know if there will be any left by now though.
  6. Nice ;).
    Im coming down to melb in 2 weeks for the eagles at rod laver myself.
    Gold ticket with backstage woo... dont think they will remember from when i worked with em on the farewell 1 tour though lol.
  7. yeah im going too... got some sound wave tickets too excited much!!!