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Kings Hwy

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by the wizza of oz, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. National Route 52 taking in Clyde Mtn.

    I'm hoping any local riders in the area would be able to inform of the current road conditions. I'm planning a little ride to Queanbeyan tomorrow to visit friends and want to take this route, but am wary of excess moisture.........read very slippery moss............and general condition of the road about this time of year. Ive never ridden the Kings in winter.

    here's the route

    Any information is much appreciated.

  2. be mindful of black ice, on particularly cold mornings, but other than that, the clyde is in quite good condition at the moment.
    All surfacing has been completed well within the season, and has all been tidied up and linemarked nicely.
    one particular spot to keep your eye on, though, is just on the braidwood side of the mountain in the westbound lane, there is a spring emerging in the left hand side wheelpath. it has been lime stabilised, but you never win a battle against a spring forcing its way to the surface.
    be aware also, of the almost constantly varying speed zones, including a long 70km/h zone from nelligen to cabbage tree, and the entire climb is 70km/h.
    cars to watch out for are a purple maked highway car, a red unmarked (falcon) highway car, and there is almost always one hanging around goulburn turn off.
  3. thanks _joel_. very in depth and extremely handy.

    the only reason i was concerned was due to my experience in Natio a couple o fweeks back and noticing plenty of moss so early in the season. Would think Kings being in colder climes would have more obstacles in the way, such as black ice etc. i prolly wouldnt get to the Kings before lunch anyway tho so that should be ok.................coming back down on Thursday might be a different story.

    i'm also fairly ignorant of the presence of highway patrol so thanks for the heads up on that too. much appreciated.

  4. no worries. i personally look after the kings hwy ;)
    you wont see any moss on there, thats for sure!