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VIC Kinglake Rd resurfacing

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by twistngo, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. They are resurfacing part of the Kinglake Rd and there's gravel everywhere. If you're doing a group ride or taking learners out its worth avoiding it. Bastards. From memory just signs that there are no centre lines.

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  2. Yep weather starts gettin good lotsa bikes out ohh lets dig up the road and then throw stones all over it - idiots.
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  3. Good to know - but I wouldn't be complaining - at least they're looking after the roads there. I've seen plenty of them further out from Melbourne where they just put up 80kph signs saying 'Rough Surface', and you're left to deal with the potholes, ruts, and bad surface, etc. I'd be happy to swap you your road maintenance guys for no maintenance any day. :)
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  4. yeh gota love the rough surface signs lol. They also lower the speed limit like in a section I know from 100 to 80kph lol
  5. Went through here today. Pretty dicey.

    Best to avoid until the work is complete.
  6. 13 11 70. If it's a serious hazard, ring the number.

    Report a road issue : VicRoads

    Please use this page to report road issues which do not present an immediate danger (such as faded linemarking, small potholes or fallen signage). For all urgent on road hazards, call 13 11 70.
  7. Why don't they every run a sweeper over pushing all the gravel to the side instead of waiting for vehicles to do it???
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    Cost. They put a layer of tar, then the gravel and let the cars driving over it embed the stones in the tar. With a bit of luck they'll sweep it in a week or so but it seems to vary between contractors. Maurice Blackburn had posts on their facebook about it

    Roadworks crash blame rejected - Motorbike Writer
  9. I find it's the norm up here in the N.E.

  10. Yeah cos it's hard to do the work when it's pissing down with rain.

    The work has to be done but adequate signage is important as is rider awareness of road conditions.

    Even a No Centre Lne sign should be enough for most people to think "I wonder why" and slow down a bit ??
  11. Which Kinglake Road? From which direction?
  12. The twisty one from Hurstbridge side.
  13. From vicroads

    Thank you for your recent enquiry to VicRoads in regards to recent re-surfacing works partly completed on Kinglake-Heidelberg Rd.
    Please be advised that the contractor has been contacted and advised of your concerns. The feedback received from the contractor was that the site had been swept and adequate warning signage was in place over the weekend.
    Nevertheless, VicRoad have advised the contractor of the importance of aftercare measures following road surfacing works.
    Thank you again for your feedback.
    Should you have any further enquiries, please contact VicRoads accordingly.
    VicRoads MNW.
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  14. Sounds like they don't have an independent inspection. Take photo's of the road surface and signage if you feel it fails the required standards.
  15. Was up there today in a cage. Two sweepers running down over some of the new resealed sections and also a vacuum truck working the lower areas closer to St Andrews.
  16. Is it open again, I am heading back from Broadford this evening and was planning to miss it if roadworks still underway?
  17. Still working on it Chilli, they ave flagmen closing in one direction at a time. Give it a miss this time I would say.
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  18. Still not good. Plenty of gravel between the wheel tracks.
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  19. Seems to be taking a long time to lose the gravel between the wheel tracks. Ruined the road for now. :poop:

    Wont be back on it for a few more months after today.
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  20. I've complained to vicroads a few times and they are not responding anymore. Put in a report on line at

    Report a road issue : VicRoads

    I tried it Saturday and its dreadful.