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Kinglake Bakery Closed?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Ride Alot, May 20, 2012.

  1. Rode through Kinglake today and sadly the Kinglake Bakery was closed. Couldn’t see if it relocated elsewhere in the town and no one was able to say if it will reopen. If anyone is able to shed some light on the closure it would be greatly appreciated.

    Historically the Kinglake Bakery served the motorcycling community well and I thank all the people that worked there.

    I hope the closure is temporary and it reopens.
  2. noooooooooooooooo :(
  3. Don't know the situation, They have more competition with the "Flying Tart" bakery now back towards Kinglake West.
  4. The Kinglake Bakery was one of the few businesses to survive the Black Saturday fires as well.
  5. It survived the fire, but was hit hard by the downturn in tourists that followed after. I thought things had picked up for them, but I know that the Kinglake community is really suffering after a string of suicides... those guys up there still really need our support.
  6. would be interesting to see if the increase in police action led to a decrease in motorcyclist frequenting the bakery.
  7. This is from their ad on Hotfrog.

    About kinglake bakehouse and coffee shop
    we are a bakery and coffee shop located in Kinglake, and cater for all types of day trippers. We especially cater for the cyclists that come up the mountain and also the motorcyclists that enjoy a ride up the winding mountain.

  8. very...
  9. Bound to have had some impact, although there have been bikes there every time I've been past this year.
    But I think the_blacke is right - the town itself is dying a slow death. It's just been incredibly hard for the residents to get themselves back on their feet, with many of them giving up and moving on rather than fight the bureaucrats, insurance companies and local government rules and regulations.
    Who knows whether they can reverse the trend.
  10. I was talking to the owner of the Noojee Toolshed today,

    I asked him if he made much money from motorcycle riders going there,
    He said, Heaps,
    Motor cycles are very very welcome,

    Thats what the new earth works are for, So that Bikes have some where flat to park,
    He is going to cover the lot with fine gravel on top of the crushed rock,

    He also said that some one had put a shit comment on Facebook about the Toolshed,

    He said his business took an instant nose dive because of it,
    He only corrected it by going on to Facebook and inviting people to come and find out for them selves,

    And the poster was in the wrong, and the Toolshed was a Biker friendly establishment, and Bikers were more than welcome,

    Then business picked up again,

    I asked him if the Police hammering the Spurs and Kinglake area's was doing any harm to their businesses,

    He said Yes, Very much so,

    It was devestating them as people got onto Forums and told every one about the Very Heavy Police presence, so people stayed away and went elsewhere,

    No people, No business, so the Places close, Putting a lot of people and family concerns out of business.

    All these places in the Hills rely purely on travellers and Visitors for their income,

    Take away the visitors, and you have a shop that sells nothing, and the Bills just keep climbing,

    It dont take long for them to shut shop and move out,

    It is their Livelyhood, They do rely on us to go there and spend,

    Maybe the Kinglake Bakery is one of these businesses that has succumbed to the down fall of tourists,

    You can form your own conclusions on that one,

    Its more than just one or two people in a shop,

    These one or two people have familys, so the ongoing effect covers a great many people that you dont hear about,

    And once gone, They dont go back.
  11. So why don't they complain to their local members about the heavy handed police putting off tourist trade. Overzealous policing is killing many town's economies yet the local business owners don't do jack shit about it.
    I have boycotted all those areas for this reason, I feel for the business owners but it's time THEY did something about it.
  12. Are these businesses actually aware of what is happening,

    All they are feeling is the effect it is having on them,

    Bit slow today in the shop, But they dont know why,

    They dont ride bikes, So wont be frequenting bike forums to know what is happening.

    I also stay away from those area's as well, I just dont like being harrassed all the time,
  13. I spent a fair bit of the first 6 months after the Feb 2009 fire in and around Kinglake, Flowerdale & Marysville and rather than BYO lunch made an effort to buy locally to do my bit and quite a few others did the same.

    Now that the bulk of the rebuilding is over the influx of tradies has gone which wont help.
  14. I think Deadman's right, they probably don't notice what's going on unless they ride and get on forums. I told some locals that this kind of thing might happen when they lowered the speed limit on Whittlesea-Yea road (up to Kinglake West) and they thought I was exaggerating. As it happens, they've now moved to the city from Kinglake West (lack of services).

    It wouldn't hurt to let local business people know what VP are doing to them.
  15. Spoke to some locals and also the owner of the new bakery. The original bakery has closed. There is another opened at the roundabout end of the town that opened after the original one closed. He is generally open from 6am to 6pm. He says he is still getting a lot of motorcycle trade and is welcome of all business.
  16. I only saw the café type place which is closer to the roundabout but that place was always there. I will check again on the next ride.
  17. Maybe they spend all their time reading all the VicPol propaganda in the Herald Scum and actually believe those truly awful TAC ads? We have to remember that that Ted Failyou was voted in on a tough law and order platform. He is currently expanding the jail network to accommodate his soon to be released mandatory jail sentences policy.

    Us Victorians love being punished by the government. Why I don't know, but it says something about our character.

    I'm with you 100% titus, local business should be up in arms how VicPol treat their community, but they suck it up in silence instead. I also hear you and Deadman when you say business don't realise what's going on but surely they must have some idea. What do they think the cops are up to hiding in the bushes?

    Wonder what the next town is to be devastated by VicPol? Any tips?
  18. How do you know if cops are hiding in the trees,
    If your selling pies and cakes and coffee all day,

    The only way to find that out is on a bike forum,
  19. and of course the increase in the number of wet weekends we've had in the past two years wouldn't have helped either (wet day = less riders out on social rides).
  20. The areas I frequent now have mostly increased their trade though motorcycles with new cafés and eateries opening up and motorcycle traffic increasing substantially in the last couple of years. Some of the towns are booming.

    In comparison the Yarra Ranges are now looking desolate, unloved, dirty and in disrepair. Prior to the lower speed limits and over enforcement the entire family would frequent the ranges in the cars whereas now never.

    The silver lining is that better roads have been discovered elsewhere.