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"King of the Weir" - Hume Weir racing circuit??

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MrFerret, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. Hi .. I was going through some old photographs of me and a few mates from the Monarchs MCC at the last "King of the Weir" meeting to be held at the old Hume Weir racing circuit.

    Am just trying to "date" those pix, I saw a post from rc36Honda elsewhere where he talks about a cold wet meeting there back in 1978.
    So I'm guessing the last meeting was held around '79/'80-ish.

    Does anybody know exactly what year the last "King of the Weir" was held?? I've done a few searches on the 'net and so far haven't been able to nail down a specific date/year. Thanks in advance ....
  2. Late 70's/early 80's is probably right.
    Ealry 80's the track was being used occasionally for car club sprints and special stages of the Alpine Rally, it was in pretty poor shape then.
    What a venue though.
  3. If you contact either the Albury District MCC or Harwell MCC you should get a wealth of info. Albury MCC had the lease of the property for many years (Rob Phillis and co used to go out there and practice at nights on street bikes!) and Hartwell MCC actually RAN the King of the Weir race meeting.
    The wet meeting where Bob Rosenthal won on the TZ-750 was, I think, 1980.
    Scary track, had grass growing out of a longditudional crack along the back straight..... oh the stories you could tell...
  4. Thanks Hornet600/Paul ... good thinkin' ... yep I was a member of both Hartwell and the Monarchs back then coz both were into road racing ...

    Long since left the Hartwell club but recently rejoined the Monarchs after a loooongggg time away hehehe am their club captain for '05/'06 which means I get to plan all their ride days etc.

    I'll jump over to Hartwells web site and drop 'em an email and see if they can tell me when the last meeting at the Hume circuit was.

    I do remember a couple of us Monarchs did 2 or 3 flying laps of the track on our road bikes after the racing ended that day ... just fer posterity ya understand heheh until one of the officials ushered us out the gate, (no sense of humour)!!!

    Anyways, thanks for your response :D
  5. You could also contact Rob Phillis direct, or even Kim Jones (Brad Jones' (V8 Supercar driver) older brother), they both raced there extensively in the lat seventies, early eighties.
    Another source might be a guy called Doug Sunderland, he came from Wangaratta, but he was Clerk of Course for several of those meetings as well.
  6. Thanks heaps Paul ... that's a couple of possible sources then :D

    Ahhhh they were good days ... :D
  7. Indeed, don't get me started on 70s and 80s racing!! Thousands of photos and millions of wonderful memories, must get together and have a 'misty' time when I come down for the Netrider Dinner!
  8. Just got a totally useless response back from Heinz at HMCC, no help at all, sorry!!
  9. Hmm ... thanks Paul ... I left a request for info in Hartwells "guestbook" too, maybe someone'll read it and reply?

    I'll keep fishing :) ... I'm in a few different forums etc as well as a few other clubs so will keep posting the question and asking around. Am bound to find out sooner or later :D ...

    It's not a "life & death" thing :LOL: ... just hoping to get a date to put with the photos ... am also trying to put names to some of the faces in the pix too. There's very few Monarchs members from those days still around, (in a club membership sense), so asking the current members isn't much help either.

    I'll catch up with you at the NetRider GP dinner fer sure :D :D

    Thanks again ....