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King of the Weir 1978

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Garfield, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. Am doing some research to assist a great m/c racer complete his autobiography.

    Came across this

    for solo machines up to 125cc

    1st 40 Wayne Gardner (6.07)
    2nd 37 Paul Lewis (6.06)
    3rd Lyle Bennett

    Must have been a cracker of a race!

  2. Not as good as Bob Rosethal was in the wet. Whose autobiography? Not to let the cat out of the bag just tell me one thing that he won as a clue.
  3. Gardner would have been riding Clem Daniel's bike, I'm guessing. Lyle Bennet was an enthusiastic amateur from Sydney whose 125cc bike was built up from an MX bike. He always rode #123 in case that information can help. Yeah, Bob's win on an old set of wets that Warren had brought back from the US was something else.

    Almost as epic as my ride home to Canberra that afternoon on my 400/4 which wet out two coils and only ran on 2 cylinders, screaming its head off at 65km/h in 2nd gear for nearly the whole journey home.

    My more detailed recollection of this weekend is contained on my site.

  4. Yep, watching Bob sliding round the left-hander onto the straight before the start-finish, with the bike balanced on two old wet weather tyres and his knee, was something else. Many dismayed 350cc riders that day ....

    Lyle Bennett was always worth watching at Oran Park, coming out onto the main straight his party piece was to drag the end of the twist-grip along the concrete wall :shock:.
  5. I miss oran park. :(
  6. Have came across a lot of B.R. stuff...
    but that is not what I am looking for.
    Am not letting the cat out of the bag as it is not my place to do so.

    My specific task is road racing results in Victoria for 3 specific years, ending in 1978.
    If you can assist in any way, please contact me.
    Am just doing this to keep myself off the streets and out of the kitty litter !!!!!!
  7. BR was the brother-in-law to Ross Barelli, who was killed at Bathurst (but you probably know that)
  8. That wouldn't be for the upcoming Graeme Crosby autobiography, would it?
    That will be a good read when it comes out.
  9. I don't think so, but I could be wrong. My last contact with GC indicated that the book is done and about to be published...but, as I said, he's a crazy guy. In any event, I sure am looking forward to the Crosby book.

    Given that the OP is looking for specific results from Victoria in a specific time frame, you'd have to say that it's likely it's a Victorian rider who is the subject...
  10. Coming out of a cafe in Mittagong a few months ago I met an lovely old man, who's memory was starting to fade, but who was involved at a high level with Belray, Cros' sponsor, and travelled to many of his race meetings. He could remember that Belray had sponsored a really good rider, but had forgotten his name. He was most touched when I reminded him of GC's name, and shared some anecdotes about him with him.
  11. If you like a good read,a little book I picked up at the local 2nd hand book shop last week, is Phil Read's autobiography. It is a cracker and has some great philosophy in it. Am only half way through it, but I already know it is worth reading twice.
    My favourite ever m/c racer's autobiography is Valentino Rossi's. Loved it. Even if you do not enjoy m/c racing, it is the best motivational read. Bought a copy for each of the son's too, and they thought the same.
    The worst book I have ever read, based on m/c racing was Donna Gardners novel, based on life on the GP circuit. It was so bad!