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King lake ride, short notice - sun, 6th july

Discussion in 'VIC' started by dragonninja, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. its look like this sunday we will have good weather
    lets go riding :grin:
    the ride will be going to king lake
    the laeder will be Alan i will be in the back
    the meeting point is the bp station at Marine Parade ( thursdays mistery ride meeting point )
    lets meet up at 11am we will go on the road at 11.30am sharp
    everybody is welcome
    the ride will be arround 150 km long i think its will take 3 to 4 hours with braeks
    L-Plates welcome
    will be a bit twisty roads but we stop befor for a meeting and you go on your own speed i will be standing in the back
    i hope this is all information for now
    sorry is my first ride what i orgenise
    see you sunday

  2. Mario I am in for this one :grin: weather will be fine top of 14c ideal hill climb temp.
  3. Hey Mario, you bake me a cake, and I will come, :p

    I will have to gain some brownie points from the minister of war and finance! :LOL:
  4. cheers guys
    yeap 14 grad is good is for me like summer :)
    mmmmmmmhhhhh to bake a cake befor the ride will be hard finish work sunday morning at arround 1 am if i bake then a cake i will be sleeping on the tour but we will stop for coffee or ice cream on a hot day like this better maybe :)
  5. i will be on board for this
    14 degrees is not bad and should have some sun so that will help :)
  6. Are you happy for slow Ls to come along? (hint: see bike)
  7. Woohoo! The brownie bank is full! See you at bp! Will be bringing another 250 bandit.
  8. hey stargirl
    you are welcome it s coming user guys on 250 too and if some poeple are faster in the front they will wait later than thats ok i think for everyboby as long all coming safe home i am happy
    the weather will be like today i hope
    when we arrive at king lake we have a meeting and see what we doing if somebody like to go ther faster its ok and alan is in the front he will be there anyway the fastes rider i think
    but safty first
    see you guys
    back to work
  9. See you all tomorrow! :grin:
  10. Sorry guys - I would come along as it looks like being a great day weather wise. But I have a previous booking for golf (and I bailed on the last one for a ride, so I can't really bail again!)

    Have a great one!
  11. sounds good, what is the intended route, I may be able to join in along the way somewhere?
  12. Bugger!!

    Finally a ride and my bike is at the bike doctor. Oh well have fun and play nice kids.
  13. See you guys tomorrow ...
  14. Where is Marine Parade?
  15. marine parade is the street behind luna park in st.kilda it is the street where catani Gardens are on and the bp is on the left side when you are comming from the city if you still not sure where it is go to
    maps.google.com.au and tipe st.kilda in search marine parade is left under the red A
    i hope its helps
  16. hey guye777 we will see you on the next one
    GreyBM i need to bring my bike next week to the doc hope they still have somethink free
  17. Thanks Mario and Alan for putting on a great ride.

    Goddamn it's cold up there this time of the year!
  18. Nice short ride. Enjoyed it! :)

    To tail end and the others who saw me parked in the middle of the road at the end, thanks for stopping. I got myself checked out this evening and just a bit of bruising, nothing broken. The bike oth seems to have badly bent forks. :(

    Oh and Mirko thanks bud for riding home w/ me.

    Stooopid car driver... :evil: Ah well. Hopefully I can figure out how to avoid it happening again... let go of the front brake a fraction earlier. Accelerate. Beep horn. I dunno. :? I'll think about it tomorrow.
  19. Glad your ok mate. I was corner marking and waited and waited and someone in a green daewoo drove up and said if I am waiting for a friend, they just saw you come off outside the Olympic hotel. I waited for whatt seemed an eternity, and when Mario and Marrisa(sp?) came through and I hadn't heard an AMBO I was happy.
  20. Thanks to everyone for a great day - I had a blast! I hope that I can make it to another meet.

    Thx Mario for organising it and running tail end- I really appreciate all the support that you gave me! :grin: Sorry I kept you slow tho' :oops:

    Thx Alan for leading the bunch- didn't see much of you though! Lost you all with all the red lights that I met on the way- but I left BP in the netrider pack, with giddy excitement! :)

    Want to throw a special thanks to Damien who kept with me after Mario stopped for petrol, and then when we passed Josh's accident (hope you're ok mate). He kept with me all the way back to BP, even though his bike almost exploded going at such slow speeds! I would have been lost without him- so thanks heaps Damo- can't say it enough. Who knows where I would be now if you hadn't been happy to slow down?