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King Kong

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kurtis_Strange, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. Has anyone seen it yet? What did you think?

  2. i hear its really long. r e a l l y l o n g !
  3. yeah, 3 hrs eh? Thats pretty long for a movie about a big monkey :?

    Apparently the powers that be didn't see the need to cut it down though...
  4. yeah. apparently the movies good its just repeats the big monkey chase scene over and over again which is why its soo long. but you have to see it to check i guess. :)
  5. I'm loving reading reviews by people who haven't seen the film.

    Seen it.

    Loved it.

    Cried at the end. I mean ... the person I was with cried, not me. Im a biker so therefore have no tear ducts.

    *coughs discreetly*
  6. Good to hear, I'll see it next week :)
  7. watched it and really enjoyed it! my friends thought it was too long though

    and its not about an ape. its about how women can make men who are tough and powerful and can place them on their knees!!l :)
  8. ahh can anyone 2nd that? :shock:
  9. Looked pretty nifty, loved the creature work.

    Quite boring otherwise!!!!!!!!! :cry:
  10. it is long in sections, but it's vistually stunning enough and enjoyable enough that you can look past that. I loved it :D
  11. just came back from seeing it. i thought it would be 3 hours of sleep but was actually one of the better movies ive seen lately
  12. The ape is sad and confused. The woman feels sorry for the ape who is sad and confused. We got that the first time we saw sad and confused ape and sorry feeling woman. Do we need all those long scenes of sad and confused ape and sorry feeling woman? If each of those scenes had been cut from 5 minutes to 20 seconds the flick would have been half an hour shorter!

    AND... did Jackson maybe ask 10 teams from the CG department to come up with a good ape and dinosaur fight scene, but then they were all so good that he decided to use them all in the final cut? Yes, sad and confused ape can kick dinosaur butt. We got that after the first couple of goes Mr Jackson!

    The worst thing is that the sycophants in the motion picture academy will probably think the film is great and give everyone an Oscar and every studio will now remake every old movie and there'll be sad, confused and sorry looking actors plastered all over our screens! Bugger.

    But the movie was ok, really. If you liked Titanic and Bored Of The Rings you'll love it! :)
  13. saw it last night, and have to say didn't think that much of it!

    i tend to agree that there were too many scenes repeated over and over that really they could have done without, although having said that there were some good bits, and some of the special effects were pretty good, but i wouldn't b paying $15 to get in to c it, either go on tight-arse tuesday or wait til it comes out on DVD.
  14. yes i can its about how even the toughest most powerful man can be brought to his knees when a BI plane flies at his crotch .... and that split second decision about whether or not he should have dropped the woman to protect it :wink:

  15. are you talking about ROCKY 1 through to 5 ?? :LOL:
  16. I LOVED it!!!! It is long, but I think there's a reason for the expectation for an Oscar nomination for Naomi Watts 8)

    :D :D :D
  17. I love the original KK.

    Much as I like Peter Jackson's work, I don't really see the point of a remake. But it sounds like he's done a decent job, anyway.
  18. CG department is Confused Gorilla dept?
  19. Watched the original for free on the ABC the other week - gotta love those old special effects. Don't think I'll bother seeing the remake in the cinema (I know how it ends) but at least 3 hour movies are better value for money than some of those films that don't last much longer than an hour.