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NSW King Georges Speed Camera

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by aoeu, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Two weeks ago I was driving past this camera (south bound), and saw a motorbike rider going the other way get flashed by the camera on King Georges & Moorefields road. I was looking watching him ride past at the time and I was positive he was doing 50 or less, just cruising it by. I was really shocked to see that he got flashed and the light was green also. There was no way he could've been speeding.

    Anyway, same thing happened to me an hour ago. I was riding past, very aware, doing bang on 60 and it flashed me. Really strange and I can't understand why unless its broken. Anyone else have an issue with this camera?
  2. That may well have been me you saw getting flashed - happens all the time at that intersection and I've made a few posts about it around the place...
    I've been flashed maybe 4 times but never heard more about it - starting to think someone at the RTA just likes my arse...
    I've seen it flash in that short period when both lights are red, and nothing was moving.
    I've seen it flashing constantly for about 20 seconds, pause for 5, then start again.
    I've also seen blokes on ladders attending to it 3 or 4 times, so it's obviously not a happy camera!
    By all means check your speed, but otherwise ignore this camera.
  3. Wow that is such a relief to read that. I think you were on a black sport bike? You seem to have one hand on your leg and turn around at the time of the flash in kind of a "wtf" gesture?

    Asshole of a camera, stresses people out!
  4. surprised we haven't started seeing cameras with sledgehammers embedded into the face of them yet.

    I wonder how cost effective they would be if they had to keep replacing them.
  5. The english throw old tyres over them and set them on fire
  6. I guess that's why new cameras have 2 surveillance cameras covering the perimeter. Actually I was meant to take a picture of the way the plate was mounted.