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N/A | National King for a day - Motorcycle Policy/Politics wish list

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. If you were king for a day and could create/influence/direct/change the political and social circumstances to benefit/promote/improve the lot of motorcyclists and the lot of motorcycling more generally, what would you do?

    What's your wish list of things that you would/could change?
  2. Cheap Rego
    No Tolls ;)
    Incentives to buy electric bikes (Govt. Rebates)
    Be able to have a company motorcycle as opposed to a car and the tax benefits that go with it
    Free or subsidised rider training - advanced courses in road craft, track days etc
    Motorcycle education as part of driver training - educate on benefits of riding, importance of checking blind spots etc.
    Instant 1 month loss of licence if caught using a mobile phone while driving or riding
    Allow motorcyclists to travel 10%-15% faster than the signed speed limit
    Advertising should be educational only, not scare tactics - Educational campaigns as opposed to X amount of times more dangerous than driving etc
    Remove mandatory Hi-Vis law for learners (VIC)
    Replace cheese cutter style barriers with a safer design
    Allow motorcycles to travel in the emergency lane during peak periods
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  3. My personal bugbear is the STRICT enforcement of speeding laws. I would change it to: Enforcement of speeding when the driver / rider is excessively faster than traffic speed, or more than 10% over the limit only.

    I would also change many of the speed limits. 110 km/h limits on country highways and freeways belong in history. Vehicles are so much more capable than they used to be.

    Driver (and rider) training: Heavily subsidised advanced training for anyone who wants it. I would also require merging on freeways and overtaking on highways to be part of any license test.
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  4. Instant 1 month loss of licence AND PHONE if caught using a mobile phone while driving or riding.
    That would hurt much more!
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  5. Beza... was that list just sitting in your brain waiting for an opportunity to be aired?! lol

    On top of most of the above, I'd like temporary speed limit exemptions for PTW's while overtaking and overtaking over solid white lines where safe to do so.
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  6. I'd just settle for ANY government consulting us about what WE see is best for our safety and well-being, and then DOING it.....

    We're a bigger 'minority' group than homosexuals, aboriginals and even some racial groups, yet we get zero attention, except when an election is coming, when all sorts of easy-to-break promises are made....
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  7. Pretty much, it's like a weight off my shoulders lol
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  8. I'd introduce registration and 3rd party concessions for 2nd, 3rd etc vehicles (including motorbikes) so that multiple vehicle owners (who can only use 1 vehicle at a time) aren't subsidizing single vehicle owners and I'd introduce number plates and a registration/3rd party fee structure for push bikes (but allow them to be included in the multiple concession scheme so that multiple push bike owners aren't disadvantaged compared to single push bike owners).
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  9. Subsided bike insurance for training on your own bike. (e.g. at Broadford with HART).
    IAM or Rospa type roadcraft training.
    No spray seal road repairs on popular motorcycle roads. (that's where they put down hot tar then a heap of gravel and roll it in. there always seems to be gravel left behind. wheee)
    Access to all bus lanes.
    Over taking lanes on Black Spur and Reefton.
    Ride in ride out motorcycle parking places. (so you're not faffing around waddling backwards)
    Boxes at the lights for us when we filter to the front.
    Cheaper rego as we don't damage the roads as much as cars etc.
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  10. Review of registration costs: 0-301cc. 301-660cc. 661-1001cc. 1002cc+ as new registration brackets.
    Suspension of TAC levy until distribution of funds is investigated.
    No TAC sponsorship of any sporting events or teams.
    Lane filtering up 40kmh
    All licence tests in English only
    Maximum of 6 months on an international licence.
    No automatic conversion of overseas licence to Australian licence, minimum standards test required
    No commercial licences for 457 Visa holders.
    Return of 10% speeding rule.
    Increase all major highways to 120Kmh with a minimum speed of 100kmh for passenger vehicles.
    Keep left ay all times for all trucks 3.5T plus on all highways
    No cyclists on roads with 80kmh+, single or double centre line and single lane in either direction.
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  11. Motorcycle only lanes in metro...

    Motorcycle only roads in the twisties....

    Let's not even think about changes to speed limits...
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  12. No you didn't?!?! lol.

    Ok, this is a blue sky thread so no political arguments - but I am curious how bicycle rego improves motorcycling's lot?
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  13. The LAMS restrictions are farked up. I can't ride my dream bike or take a passenger for 3 years?? I'm a fully licensed driver :(
  14. I would place safety funding for ALL 2 wheelers into the same funding basket and asking push bike riders to contribute seems only reasonable.
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  15. I'd love to see some leeway on speed for overtaking.
    Better quality roads in NSW.
    Subsidised rider training at advanced levels.
    When caught using mobile phones when driving, license suspension, phone removed, placed in plastic bag, officer shits in plastic bag, shakes plastic bag, returns bag to driver. You could bet they'd be using hands free for a little while at least, even if they choose to keep driving.
    Legalisation of rotary canons on motorcycles with power to weight ratio sufficient to overcome the recoil.
    Introduction of an open season on people who hog the overtaking lane.

    I think all this king for a day power is going to my head...............................
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  16. Motorcycle holding boxes on RH half of roadway at all intersections (happy to leave other half for cyclists). Adoption of the US speed system where no-one gets booked unless they are well in excess of surrounding traffic, regardless of the nominal limit. Works very well.
    Minimum 5 second lock-on for detected speeding offences. Left turn on red (when safe to do so).
    Remove all speed limit setting authority from the unqualified, venal numpties in local government.
    Right turn arrows in operation at all major intersections, in every direction, 24-7.
    Third party property insurance as mandatory for all registered vehicles, but with a government provider setting a base level to prevent collusive price gouging.
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  17. Chop off the hand that held the phone.

    That would hurt even more....;)
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  18. Single tracked vehicle lanes - that would allow motorcycles to share the same space as bicycles around the city - thus making filtering safer. I think getting fined for riding a motorcycle in a bicycle lane, when there isn't a bicycle in sight, is just pure revenue raising.
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  19. Nice selection Titus. There are a couple of things I loved about driving in the US, and the default of having a turn against a red signal after stopping is so sensible. Personally I can't see a reason why you wouldn't allow both left and right turns after stopping, it actually makes sense. If you have a dangerous intersection, with reduced vision, then by all means you signpost no turn on red. But the default should be to allow it. Speed enforcement certainly seems very variable there but I haven't driven extensively enough to have a good handle on it. On the down side, I just hated that so many people there were driving on the wrong side of the road !

    Yes too many speed limits set inappropriately, too many changes in limit and actually yes, too many different limits, perhaps local government is not good at this.
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  20. Interesting that you mention this; Advanced 2 and Advanced 3 (at Broadford) have been removed from the HART website in the couple of weeks. I rang yesterday and they are only doing it based on a waiting list. Only the Advanced 1 is advertised now. Advanced - Victoria - Honda HART Australia
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