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kinda want a harley nightster... eep

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by spongesam, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. I've been pondering about some mods to my current ride... but recently... a couple of things have been bothering me...

    1. the silver/black nightster looks freaking amazing
    2. i really want a harley... :)

    Obviously I'd need to take a sporty for a spin before making any decisions... but it's definately on the cards... and it'd be a pretty cool birthday present if I decided to go for it.

    I'm really liking the shape and look and style of the nightster.

    What wonderful opinions can you all share with me?
  2. I like sportsters although the 883 is pretty asthatic (at least in standard form) and the 1200 is a lot better (although even that wants free flowing mufflers and carby kit).

    The nightster looks great IMO but I'm only 175cm tall... if you are tall then you'll likely find the bike doesn't fit you very well.
  3. The nightster is hot as, you're forgiven for your moment of weakness.

    It's got fcuk-all fuel range and crap cornering clearence as well as being overpriced both new and second hand.

    However, that being said you've got that little thing in the back of your mind that wants a Harley, and there is only one cure. Buy it mate, you only live once!
  4. I am a firm believer that if you want something bad - find a way to get it.

    In overseas (US) mags, the nightster has a reputation as being very uncomfortable for more than a half hour ride.
    Cycle World has made some very unfavourable comments.

    But, one persons meat is another mans poison - maybe the ergos are just right for you. Only one way to find out - try it!
  5. The Nightster is a damn cool looking bike!!! I'm with the guys above, if you want it that bad, go get yourself one! After all, it's only a monthly payment! :LOL:

    I love the look of the Rocker Custom, but at $35K or thereabouts, too rich for me! :(


  6. Hey mate check out www.hdforums.com.au/ theres a few blokes with the nightster that are very happy with them, now get out there and get a harley!

  7. Just buy the damn Harley.
    Worst case scenario you find you don't like it - you'll still get your money back when you sell it.
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  9. thanks for the opinions guys... always good to hear every side of a story...

    i've been doing a bit of thinking... and pretty much, the result of it all, is when i get home in a couple of weeks, i'll be getting a test ride as soon as i possibly can... if i can get the finance for it prior to selling my current bike, and the test ride goes as i want it to, i'd be on one as soon as i can.

    tip to everyone... if u are considering a bike... add it as your desktop background... and then just hope you have either the credit rating or money to buy it! lol... but at this point, it'd be devastated if the test ride wasn't any good...

    all its stylings, the bobber look, some with apes look pretty sick, hmmmm, it's really all i can think about while i'm at work to be honest!

    not home for a couple of weeks which is highly dissapointing as I want to go for a testride right now...
    anyone is bris riding a nightster i could hitch a test ride from? lol.
  10. heheh thats what I do, right now I have a Yamaha XVS650 Custom and in the corner is a Harley Davidson Night Train, I wanna get the yamaha and then when I can afford one, the Night Train. :grin: :grin: