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Kinda Newish/Never introduced myself - w/ Modded 2010 STriple R

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Grumpy_Trumpy, May 4, 2010.

  1. Well, I figured I never really introduced myself properly. I've started to settle in with the new bike & the forum, etc. & would like to get in on some of the group rides in time to come - shitty weather permitting :( Anyway...

    I'm from the southern side of Melbs, down in East Brighton. I've only been riding on near to a couple of years, but have had a few years prior on dirtbikes & around cars, etc. most of my life.

    I love my 4 wheels just as much as the 2 wheels variety (just not some of the tossers that drive them!), currently with a '68 Ford Fairmont in it's original guise & a '55 F100 Pickup 'in the build' phase & a work van for my daily duties! (Qualified Sparky by trade)
    Previous cars included an 808/rx3, 2 ser. 1-3 RX7's, 2 68-69 Ford Capris & an F1000 Bongo van! :p

    I had a little licensing issue around the time I really wanted to get my motorbike L's in which time a good mate of mine that I introduced to bikes (Via the dirt variety), ended up getting his license - the bug bit hard!

    Also in my waiting period, both my mother & brother decided to follow suit! :(
    My old man has had his license for years so he was already ahead, but bikeless nonetheless :p

    My mum got a scooter first, followed by my bro on an RGV 250. I got my license in between all of this... as shamed as I am to say, I spent a good month or 2 riding the scoot which wasn't TOO bad as it was a 250 also! :oops:

    A couple of months went on and the funds came through so I jumped into buying a new 2008 Ninja 250r, which lasted almost on 1 year exactly. Around the year mark, I had an off of no fault of my own which resulted in a broken arm, fractures in my wrist & ankle & a torn ligament in my foot - to this day, still not 100% healed. :?

    Bike ended up getting written off (this was about mid-july last year), a replacement was ordered under full insurance which I left to my mum as she had sold her scoot since. Spent a good 6months off the saddle because of mis-diagnosis on a couple of things & slower healing which wasn't so bad because I wasn't in the market for a new bike just yet anyway. Restrictions were to be lifted in January which left me some time to start testing bikes.

    Now, the story goes, I was pretty sold on the Z750 originally - I never wanted a sports/'racer' bike as I just can't stand the day long hauls hunched over the bars, nor the higher insurance premiums & because I actually like the naked looks better! As stated, the Z750 was more in my price range & probably the only real naked out there that had any appeal in my eyes... THEN the Street Triples were discovered. (That & the same mate I introduced had already bought a Z750 in the time I had off because of my accident, so I didn't want to be a sheep! :p)

    All that was required was a test ride to sell me on the rideability & a little extra savings & I didn't even want to look at anything else.

    Feb 2010 = Shiny new 2010 Matte Blazing Orange Street Triple R!!

    See my already started thread for a few stocko pics & a vid that shows my new pipes & a quick glance at a couple of the options on her at the moment.

    I will have some new pics up soon of all of it & hopefully some new mods on the way too! https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=110772

    Mods to date:
    -Blue Flame Slip-ons - Dual Outlet Titanium w/ Polished Stainless Caps.
    -Triumph Fly Screen
    -Triumph Belly Pan
    -Triumph Hugger
    -Oggy Knobbs all-round (Fork, axle & engine sliders)
    -Rego label holder & Triumph top Yoke/Head Stem Gold Nut.
    -Triumph Tail Bag

    Mods to come:
    -Aftermarket levers
    -Steering Damper
    -Wheel Stripes
    -Radiator Guard
    -Different mirrors - either Bar End or something more slimline than standard ones.
    -& a few other bits & bobs for that added personal touch, anodized nuts/bolts, possibly some rearsets.

  2. lol well no welcome for you, but good write up :)
  3. :LOL: Heheh thought it was a bit cheeky, but I was bored & think my story is valid... will simply redirect anyone who asks to this thread if ever out on a NR cruise! lol, j/k! :p:cheeky:
  4. Very BIG and warm welcome to you. Hope you have a blast!!:biker:
  5. New piccies - with a new addition - added to my bike thread! Check out the highlighted link in my first page!! ;) (Rather than me doubling up on photos in here!)
  6. yay 3 cylinders welcome
  7. Hi Daniel and welcome to NR
  8. Cheers Brownyy & GreyBM! Have you guys checked out my
    link with pics & vids?!

    Let me know what you think & what of my ideas/future mods
    or others you think I should think of doing!

  9. Welcome. Nice Bike!
  10. I'm at work, all that stuff is blocked... I see no pics... internet at home, pffft, that's what work is for!! :D (that and home connection is sloooooooow).
  11. :( no piccies for you then!! :p