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Kind of a which bike question.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Skotty, May 18, 2011.

  1. Hi, I know you guys get similar queries regularly, but maybe this is a lttle different. I live in Perth, WA, limited to 250cc as a learner & for the next 12 months. Interested in a cruiser or maybe standard style bike. Riding a CB250 for lessons, have sat on a 1994 GZ250, and that's about it.
    My budget is tight, hoping to keep bike cost to close to $3000, which will probably mean a bike from 1994 to maybe 2000 if I stick to Japanese brands.
    I'm looking at Virago, Honda VT250c, Suzuki Intruder etc, maybe a CB250. I'm curious as to which bikes might be better for getting parts if necesssary & also buying luggage, windscreen etc. Are there sites around that would give me a good idea on these issues? I don't want to get a cheaper bike & find out I can't get parts if I need them. Thanks.

  2. Is $3000 your upper limit, or around that? My VTR ended up being around $3500 with rego and insurance.
  3. I'd prefer to keep to very close to $3000 on the bike so I have funds for rego/insurance & gear. Looks like I should be able to pick up a Virago, or maybe a Honda CB250, possibly a VT250c or Suzuki Eliminator. Just have to test sit on some & try to figure out what would be a good buy. Hyosung maybe a possibility, I not sure if that would be a good way to go or not. Is a Japanese bike that is 10 years older a better prospect than a HYo??
  4. check out the old kawasaki gpx... you could probably get one for that price.
  5. First decide whart sort of bike you want. Cruiser, naked, faired?

    If Cruiser then Virago is a good old workhorse that many a Netrider commenced on. A bit underpowered but that's probably the best you will do at that sort of price.

    A CB250 is a good little bike but probably about the least powered of the 250's. However, I certainly would not be paying $3000 for one. If you can stretch the extra cash, a VTR is probably one of the best naked learner bikes around.

    Of course in the end there are a heap of second hand options and it probably doesn't matter that much what you get, as long as it is mechanically sound and not over-priced.

    Sit on a few to try out seating and one will tell you to buy it.
  6. I would lean towards something like a VTR if you can find one for that price, as they are a good easy bike to learn on and should be easy to find parts for and service. Perhaps once you're off restrictions you can choose something a little more pleasing to your eye.

    This is the level headed response though and we all know that the heart often rules so disregard any advice and buy what floats your boat.
  7. I think it's best to stick with one of the Japanese big four.
    Also avoid the 4 cylinder bikes. These were excellent little bikes in their day but are getting a bit long in the tooth now and many have had a hard life and were grey imports anyway.
    The VTR Honda and GPX / ZZR / Ninja Kawasakis are very good bikes but hard to find out west under $4K.
    If its just the urban commute you're doing, you might also consider a road / trail bike with road oriented tyres.
    Try trawling through Gumtree classifieds.
  8. +1 AlGroover

    sucks that WA can't have the bigger LAMS bikes :(
  9. Thanks for the responses guys. It's looking like the Virago is where I'll end up, I like the cruiser style, and I like the v-twin.
    Saw a 2005 Hyosung Aquila for $2750 on the weekend, went for coffee to consider & it sold (bummer). Still not sure on Hyosung, so many conflicting reports on the internet!
    Nice looking (to me at least) & felt solid to sit on. Sat on a Honda VT250c, but felt too much of a reach to the bars when turning them, and kind of pricey for the age. Saw a Virago wich is alot plainer & felt smaller than the Aquila, but would be OK I think. Gumtree is great.
    Perth certainly does keep the 250 prices up, that's for sure. CB250 are nice enough I guess, but hard to find & kind of pricey generally I think.
    I'm not interested in the Chinese bikes which seem to be popping up everywhere. I want something that'll be hopefully reliable, and I'd like it to suit my tastes, since it'll be around for at least 12 months, could be longer.