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Kimmy the Gender Confused ZX7R

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by modern_ninja, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys,

    So, I just bought my "upgrade". Its a streetfightered 98' ZX7R with 30,000ks on the clock.

    The bike was originally a track bike before being used a hills machine by a rider recovering from a massive crash. Now its mine. Unfortunately I can't ride it until February of next year (restrictions), however, the bike needs a little bit of work. Because I got it for such a bargain, i'm planning to do some mods and upgrades to bring the bike up to top notch quality :D

    The bike already has upgraded suspension (Race Tech rear shock) and the stock front brakes are pretty awesome (just need new pads).

    Now, this is my "shopping list".

    Sintered Pads
    LED Indicators & Lights
    Aftermarket Digital Speedo/Tacho
    Rear Hugger
    Exhaust (existing one is a straight through race unit :D )
    Ignitor Alarm (or similar)
    Air Horn
    Fender Eliminator

    If you know of something else that would be good to add, let me know. Also, if you know of a good place to get any of the above, let me know.

    I'll post some pics when I take delivery of the bike.
  2. Nice looking forward to some pics im thinking of picking up a 7 or 9 to streetfighter for when i get my fulls.
    Then again i prob jus ride it on my restrictions anyways
  3. Pics.


    Onto my shopping list.

    Found the exhaust I want!

    Screaming Demon Oval Slip On

    Now, question on sintered brake pads... Are they all the same? Does it matter what brand I buy? Or will they all stop me the same?

    I found THESE on fleabay... Or would I be better off going with some geniune jobbies?

    Also, opinions on THESE? I was looking for some folding levers and found these... They look pretty gaudy with the extendable bit, however geniune pazzo levers are ~$250 a set...

    Or there are THESE.

    Thoughts? Opinions?
  4. Rider training. Money well spent.
  5. Because I can't ride her legally until feb, I'm planning to get to as many track days as I can. Unfortunately, CSS or the like is non-existant in SA.... However, I know some very gifted riders/racers that have offered me advice. I intend to take full advantage of their offer :D

    Plus I get to ride my new bike before my restrictions are up :D
  6. Good thinking. Throw your spare change at trackdays for a few months and then worry about the bling. You never get your money back on bling, but training is a lifetime investment.
  7. p.s. please don't give your motorbike a name. Cheers.
  8. looks good man
    keep it 'fightered

    i missed it, what about it makes it 'gender confused'??
  9. I'll be getting to pretty much every track day I can. I'll learn more there in half a dozen track days than I would in 12 months of weekend hills riding...

    Came with the bike... Sorry. The name is staying :D

    @Forgotten: it already had a name. It was a girl for the original owner, then the next owner was a girl, so kimmy became a guy, now she's a girl again because i'm a guy.


    EDIT: i'll be keeping her fightered, but i'll be putting a digital speedo on her and trying to clean up the dash... Right now its just sitting there inbetween the headpiece...
  10. Kinda but no. Road and track are two different disciplines. Approach them differently, find the differences, learn both of them if you plan on doing both. Those who can't cross over come unstuck.

    I said please so i can understand the confusion, my bad. Do yourself a favour and fuck the name off cos only retards, chicks and poofs name their bikes. Hope this helps clear things up.

    See what i mean? Weird, don't do it.
  11. File me with all of the above then :D
  12. Trust me minge, kill the name, ride the bike. it's not a person, it's not a pet, it's a tool.
  13. I'm with Cheffie, and he'd know, coz he's a tool too.
  14. Expert tool bro - achievement unlocked
  15. m_n have you considered taking the exhaust to redline exhausts to get him to insert some baffles? From what I've heard he can do magic with just about anything. Might be a cheaper way of sorting the exhaust out.

    And keep the name - the bike has an interesting history and comes via some interesting people. If it lost the name it would lose some of its personality.
  16. Mine has a name. I'm surrounded by people who anthropomorphize. Not keen to see what they came up with, I had a think and found one I could live with.
  17. I did think about it... But I really like the screaming demons. The existing one is pretty beat up. I'm thinking i'll keep it as a track exhaust and just switch them over. That way i'll have a race system on for the track and if i crash, i won't write off my schmick road can.

    Can anyone tell me about the brakes? Does it matter if you buy no-name pads or brand name pads? Will the brand-name ones stop me faster/last long? Or will the no-name pads do exactly the same job, exactly as good?
  18. That screaming demon exhaust looks the biz, but the current exhaust looks awesome too. If you can make the current exhaust a bit quieter without losing much power for less money than a new exhaust, then I say do that. The fightered look is wicked. Those folding levers are awesome, but I don't know about the Hong Kong quality.
  19. Go for some decent quality pads - brakes are not somewhere you want to skimp.

    I'm going to take my tool out for a flogging...

    much better
  20. Mine doesn't have a name, but i like to call it names. At the moment it's Nlgger.