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kilometres covered/years riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pragnasty, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. with all the banter on how fast youre bike has gone, etc how many burnouts youve done and the rest of the shizzle, i thought a good topic would be:

    how many kilometres have you traveled?

    on your bike/s over the years /months day very roughly....

    im sitting on 20,000kms in two years of riding and counting...

    (Loving every minute of it too :D :D :D )
  2. Since I got my FZR about 2 1/2 years ago, i've done 60,000km's. (speedo's gone from 56,000km, to 16,000km's)

    I did about 15,000 km's on my TZR.

    So about 75,000 km's in 6 years, 1 month and 2 weeks. (but who's counting)

    Roll Blunts
  3. 10,000kms in 12 months - though for 4 of those my bike was about 200kms from where I was living and working which made taking it for a spin difficult (but not impossible).
  4. Actual months riding? 'bout 30,000 clicks in 12 months. Had the bike a bit longer than that, but missed a few months for various reasons. GPX is cheap to run. :)
  5. in 26 years of riding i have clocked up over 650,000kms (having bikes as your only form of transport helps, and being a courier for 3 1/2 years, and also traveling round most of the northern hemishere repeatedley)
  6. 31,000 in 20 months of riding.
    Although, 3 months of that was bikeless.
    All of them fun, except that 100m that ment I was 3 months bikeless.
  7. Got my Victorian Learners Permit 25th March 1974 .. bought my first bike, the following day, 26th March 1974. That bike was my only transport, daily commuter/all round fun machine .. the list of bikes continues to this day.

    Didn't get my car licence or my first car until I was 20.

    Apart from a 2-1/2 year period where I didn't have a bike at all, (post back surgery which kept me from riding), a bike was chosen my form of transport .. only using the car when circumstances demanded it.

    The latest bike I got 1st July last year and to date have done 42,374klms, (just checked the odometer .. hehe), since getting it.

    Couldn't begin to estimate how many miles/kilometres I've covered on a bike over the 30 or so years I've been riding.

    Edit: Cut out the extraneous crap entered as a result of a lack of sleep & high caffeine intake.
  8. Not to sure about the klm i've travelled ( no idea actually) but 19 years of glorious riding .
  9. i pull around 20k a year
  10. I ride around 15k plus normally 10 or 11 trakdaze a year plus countless minimoto races 8)
    I usta ride a lot more on the road but after discovering the track, it all feels to dangerous now. I'm even thinking of selling all my bikes and buying a formula 400 race bike for next season. ( and keeping the gixxer for rideday fun :wink: )
  11. ~16,000kms in 8 1/2 months of riding.
  12. roughly 30000km on the bike and about 50000km in the cage per year.
  13. hmm, let's see
    car licence in 1968, bike licence in 1974
    Living in the country, doing 160kms per day to work and back for 3 years, plus over 600 kms every second weekend
    living in melbourne driving/riding backwards and forwards to Canberra/Sydney for 3 and a half years
    living in Sydney driving backwards and forwards zzzzzzzzzz

    just too many to think about, and most of them enjoyable

    Bought the Hornet in March '05 with 52,000 kays on it, now has 66,000 kays, ALL enjoyable
  14. 3.5 years, 53000km
  15. Got my ZZ-R1100 on 31/12/96 and have done ~55000km on it. About 30000km of that total have been done in the last 2 years or so. It's amazing how much more riding one does when they meet others to ride with.

    Before that, I had a GPZ250 for about 9 months and clocked up a paltry 3000km or so.

    I've been riding for 11 years and have done ~58000km. Not really all that much when you think about it. :( :( :(
  16. Not sure on the K's but I've been riding for 20 years off an on....

    Here's to another 20 or so :)
  17. I've clocked up about 20000km in 6 months or so.

    Which reminds me, next Friday I have another trip to Benalla/Wodonga, but this time I might return via the Alpine Road and Omeo rather than Whitfield!

    Damn my job can be difficult sometimes....so many decisions!


  18. about 7000 in 5 months
  19. 35y of license, own bikes for about 30y (various short lay-offs for various reasons, mostly financial).
    Distance? Hmmmm.... tried to work that out a few weeks ago and it's hard to even try and remember all the different bikes....
    Well over 1/2mio kms for sure, what's another 20.000km more/ less?...
    Out of that about 10% city/ commuting, the rest on country/ mountain roads/ bit of Autobahns in Europe/ some dirt.

    The best size-to-mileage-ratio-bike?

    ....close to 60.000km on one of those.
    Eat that, ya 250-whingers :D :D :D
  20. Very roughly, 160,000 on 7 bikes over 18 years. I had 2 kids and was a stay at home mum for 8 of those too. Prob another 2 thousand on the trail bike pre licence ( 13 y.o - 17.9 years ) and around 30 thousand as a pillion ( 15 y.o-17.9 years). Wow now I add it up, thats not bad. :D