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Killrust Paint Soft And Easy To Rub Off?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by MattiasL, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. I painted some metal details on my Motorbike with matt black Killrust paint, I followed the instructions on the back off the paint can and online but the paint is soft and easy to rub off, I have used similar products in Sweden with no problem....any suggestion what has gone wrong?

    What paint can I use instead?

  2. How humid was it when you were painting?

    High humidity can prevent a paint from properly curing, especially if it's epoxy based (which I believe Killrust is, as are most similar products).
  3. I do not think it was that humid, it was last weekend I painted and it is still soft today.
  4. Hmm, well humidity (or water getting into the paint tin) are the only things I can think of that would keep it from curing.

    Only other possibility would be the presence of acetone or some other organic solvent on whatever you were trying to paint - or on/in the brush/spraygun if you weren't using a spraycan.
  5. In my experience paints which claim not to need a primer (Killrust, Hammerite, Smoothrite) are lying. They do.

    Also in my experience, enamels (Killrust, Hammerite, Smoothrite) take weeks, if not months, to harden fully. In the meantime, they're soft and fragile.

    Given proper surface preparation, a decent primer and plenty of time, I've found them to be OK and, for the amateur, they're often the only option but they do not do what it says on the tin.

  6. I just got this answer from Wattyl that produce Killrust, so yeah you are right, it needs primer.

    "What type of metal was the product applied onto? Steel? Galvanised Steel? Iron? Killrust Epoxy Enamel can only be applied onto clean, bare steel without the use of a primer. All other metals will require priming with either Killrust Heavy Duty Primer or Killrust Etch Primer.

    The recoat time for Killrust Epoxy Enamel is 16 hours. This is at a standard of 25 degrees and 50% humidity. If the temperature has been lower than 25 degrees, drying will be adversely effected.

    How long ago did you finish painting? Killrust Epoxy Enamel will need 7-10 days to fully cure. Full cure is the time at which a paint coating reaches its optimum hardness."
  7. Worst result I ever got from a hammertone epoxy paint was in using the rack I had painted within a week of painting. It rubbed off easily. Best result was achieved in the recoat, after removing the rack, painting it, and forgetting all about it for a couple of months through the Summer. Hard as rock.
  8. Thanks guys for all your suggestions, I will try one more time with the Killrust and use a etch primer first and se how it goes, my student economi does not allow me expensive paint.
  9. I have used killrust on my triple clamps and a few other little parts with no primer and had no problems. Maybe I was just lucky?
  10. What are you painting?
    I'd recommend VHT wheel paint. It goes on nice and smooth and is chemical and chip resistant
  11. Frame, gear lever and other metal details.