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Killer 50kph Speed Limit

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tigga, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. With municipalities desperate for funds, speed cameras are popping up everywhere.
    After nearly 100 000km incident free riding, I've been pinged in 50kph zones twice in just 6 weeks.
    (Once 20kph over and once 5-10kph over while changing lanes)
    Some bikes drive whereas others catapult. Mine, a Tiger 1050 triple tends to catapult. So if you want to reliably stay at 50kph you want to be in 1st gear. The 1st time I got pinged I rode 20km in 1st gear but how long can you keep that up?
    The cop said "Well that's what brakes are for!"
    It's hard to listen to the traffic departments weak argument about "speed" killing. Speed doesn't kill, it's bashing into things suddenly, that does it... fortunately in over 300 000km that has never been a problem.
    .....Mad as HELL :mad::spitoutdummy::facepalm::banghead:

  2. I agree with some of your sentiment regarding the low speed limits being put in place. But I don't think you can really argue that speed limits should be higher because you fail to maintain speed control of your vehicle...
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  3. Unlucky, my wife got done at 55km in a 50 as well. $190 and 3 demerits later!! Very dangerous!

    Surely the torque on the Tiger should allow you to easily do 50kph in 3rd?
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  4. My thoughts exactly. The Bandit (1152cc) can lug around at 50 in 3rd, I'd be very surprised if the Tiger can't.
  5. Even my 1299 is reasonably happy at 50 in 2nd.......

    I do feel for you though especially as many of the mobile speed cameras aren't signed anymore. If they were serious about reducing speeding there would be speed camera signs everywhere.....
  6. That sucks mate.

    My Ducati hated 50km in 2nd, so it was a first gear bike for those speeds, the BMW I could probably put in 6th..
  7. Wow! Talk about penalties being out of proportion to the offence! You could easily lose your licence in 4 shopping trips. That's about the same penalty as for culpable manslaughter in a vehicle (although, of course that's in one go).
  8. On my ducati monster, I changed the front sprocket, and 40-50 kmh zones could now be done in 2nd gear instead of bouncin it in 1st.
    The loss of top speed was not an issue. When max speed limit is 110, who cares whether you can do 230 kmh or 215!
  9. Don't tell them 50kph is dangerous or they'll change it to 40.
  10. Apparently they're bringing in 30kph zones down some back streets now... wonder how long before the 30kph zone will spread to other areas...
  11. Look the only safe limit for a large percentage of the population is zero. Yup, they just shouldn't be on the road at all, but until such time as we all become self-aware and selfless, that's not going to happen. So the pollies will keep screwing the rules tighter and tighter, and slower and slower, all in the name of road safety. Sucks for those of us that enjoy driving or riding, and even to some degree, those that don't really but are at least competent.
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    Plenty of torque but the way the fueling and compression works, it's hard to ride smoothly at 50kph even in second.
    3rd would be jerky at 50kph though great from 70kph upwards.
    It's smooth uphill or downhill but not on the straight. Can be uncomfortable in traffic but great to ride through the gears.
    Had to change my riding style, for example, feathering the clutch in corners. So, not ideal for tight mountain roads at low speeds. Also, pulling away from stop, tend to leave a gap to the car in front otherwise you need to ride the clutch. Sometimes when you pull away, you do a fake change to second but stay in 1st, to give the car in front a chance to pull away.
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  13. Meh, you speedsters give us all a bad name
  14. Lol lots of feathering on the shiv as well (750 v twin)
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  15. Yep +1
    1100 v4 tall first
  16. Some people can fcuking run faster than that ! Not me unfortunately but down hill I'll have to be careful rolling :).

    Seriously though, some towns in the UK have 20mph limits in places, but those are old towns with narrow streets, packed out with parked cars and people have to manage 2 way traffic in what is essentially a single lane road, frankly when combined with the cobbled roads and traffic, it's not unreasonable. Here, where we have modern cities, with wide roads and good weather there are very few areas where there actually needs to be a limit that low.

    Near me there is an arterial road where they have reduced the limit to 40km/hr and while I think it's over the top I could live with it were it not for the ridiculous, vicious 25 km/hr badly laid speed bumps that have been put in with it. I can go round them, but they slow all the low slung hoon mobiles down to about 10 km/hr and they weave all over the road trying to get round them with the least wheels possible croosing the bump, which makes it hard to filter past them safely. We now have confused, elderly pedestrians wandering into the road because they think the speed bumps are pedestrian crossings. So I'd say we will have 30 there and 15k bumps before you can say splat.

    I haven't seen the data that they based the decision on but I strongly suspect that if you looked a little harder than the simple number of pedestrians hit, you would find that most of them had just staggered out of the pub where they have traditionally had a pretty poor record with respect to RSoA and got creamed. So getting the licensing cops to kick the publican into gear to stop serving people while they still have some chance of making it home alive would solve the problem too. They could have had the same result by fencing the pavement near the pub, or just putting in the speed limit reduction. In fact the pub is shutting anyway as they can't compete with the clubs so they say, not enough pokies. Of course if they had managed the pub better I think they would have been fine. But they have consistently driven it further and further downmarket until it's become such a pit that you can't even get a taxi to pick you up there. Regular drunken stabbings, glassings and all the rest. So drunks with no option but to stagger home on foot, or at least to stagger under the nearest car.

    While we're at it, if they had managed the licensees in the Cross properly in the first place, we wouldn't need the lock out laws that we now have. I actually think the lock out laws are doing the job, but I think it's a shame that they didn't force the venues to take some responsibility for managing the problem and limiting drug dealing on their premises instead. There is certainly some collateral damage with businesses failing that were dependent upon late night passing trade.

    There seems to be a pretty strong trend to dropping speed limits as a consequence of crashes where many of the people crashing were either ignoring the existing limit, were asleep at the wheel or were simply not watching the road. For the first two dropping the speed limit makes no difference and for the third I'd say they shouldn't be on the road in the first place but they penalize the rest of us with stupid limits that don't solve the problem and may actually make boredom, fatigue and loss of concentration worse.

    Thanks for the opportunity to vent. Sorry for digressing on the lock out laws.
  17. Only the accountant has seen the data and he's adamant its a good little earner!
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  18. Funnily enough they haven't backed it up with any enforcement effort at this stage, to be fair with those savage bloody bumps 5 sets of them in a few hundred metres, it's actually pretty hard to speed there if there's any other traffic so I think they won't make their money on this one unless they take the bumps out.
  19. Never underestimate the ability of a pickpocket.
  20. 55 in a 50 is 1 demerit point not 3
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