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Kill Switch Or Key Off

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by whoguy, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Do you turn bike off by key or kill switch?

    I only use the key... don't like to use kill switch cause I always forget to unkill it when starting the next time, looking like an idiot trying to figure out why the f@ck it won't start!

  2. Just wait till you're going as slow as possible in first and put the sidestand down. If the bike has a cutout it should automatically kill the engine and bring the bike to a stop without even having to use the cluch ;)

    If it doesn't have a cutout, just use the rear brake instead. Off switches and keys are for people who read the manual.
  3. Either. If I'm leaving it in gear, I'll usually use the kill switch, but I've made it a habit to unkill it immediately. If it's in neutral, I'll usually use the key.
  4. Thanks mate... Side stand... hmmm didn't think bout that one
  5. Does it make a difference? I just use the key unless I'm trying to coast in the driveway at 2am, rather the headlight stayed on in the dark until I'm actually stopped for the night.
  6. I dont ride at night-night blindness.
  7. Why is this even important enough to ask?
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  8. Key, you've got to take it out anyway so why double handle stuff you don't need to? I also read that kill switches on efi/modern bikes can cause or record error codes in the ecu.
  9. Kill switch 90% side stand 10%, key - never, it's located down low on the engine block.
  10. I use the key, once or twice a month i accidentally use the side stand switch. I had to use the kill switch when I had my accident. so I don't really see the kill switch as a every day switch.
  11. Not this shit again...............

    Just put both feet down and let the bike go......faaaaarrrg
  12. On a Street Triple it usually means trouble restarting and excessive battery drain if you use the kill switch. The manual specifically warns against it. I expect the same thing goes for some other bikes too?
  13. kill switch most of the time, Guess it depends on what habit you get into.
  14. Whichever, as the mood takes me. No rigidity in this kitchen.
  15. I've got into the habit of kill-switch then immediately back on.. just don't do it too quickly or the engine will splutter back to life sometimes which will be hilarious if you're trying to park with the wheel turned and you're not watching the clutch....
  16. I use kill switch 80% of the time. When I go to start if I don't hear the fuel pump whirring I know to flick the kill switch back over.
  17. What ever makes you feel awesome. If you can't figure out why the bike wont start with the kill switch off, get a car.
  18. Some bike's kill switches don't go far enough.
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  19. When I went for my learners/license the instructors pushed using the kill switch, so was doing that until the OH advised it would be better to use the key, as it turns off everything, instead of just primary ignition circuit and possibly EMS. So now I am in the habit of using the key.

    My friend has a cruiser with the key in a position that is hard to reach easily so she uses the kill switch.
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  20. i use the kill switch everytime but i flick it straight back on