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Kill switch fiddling

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jimmyv, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    Pretty new to this riding thing, about 70KM under my belt now. Everything has been awesome.

    When I finished work today bike wouldnt start. Kill switch was on which wasnt in the position that I left it in. Does any who guys get random people playing round with the kill switch. Like pedestrians walking past and flicking it on. It annoyed me alot that someone had their greasy paws on my bike :shock:

  2. Wait until you come back to find them sitting on it and making "brrrm, brrrm" noises then...
  3. get used to it :( unless you have secure parking or go to the trouble of covering it...
  4. just remember if theres evidence that someone has messed with your bike,check the whole thing over before riding.ive read some threads on these forums about riders having theyre bikes tampered with which can be dangerous.
  5. Wait till you yr engine stalls 30 secs down the road, and no amount fiddling around with handlebar switches will re-start the bike.

    ... then some kind Biker points out to you the fuelcock's in the "Off" position!!

    I noticed that on a mate's stalled bike cos my old one had a weepy carb, and I had to "off" it while engine off, so I looked at that automatically!
  6. OK I guess its just one of those things you gotta be mindful of. I hate my stuff being tampered with. My last couple of cars have allways been on the receiving end of people just damaging stuff for laughs. Makes me angry why people cant leave stuff not owned by them alone. Got rid of my HSV because people couldnt keep their hands off it.

    Ohwell rant over now. Just time to hide it out the back. Was just curious whether this was a common occurrence or me just copping it all the time
  7. I went out to my bike this morning to find that my numberplate had been folded in half (well, as much as is possible with a numberplate) overnight. That's the disadvantage of living inner city without off-street parking.

    I mostly bent it back in shape, but I was very careful to look for anything else that had been tampered with.

    i have occaisionally thought i had left my kill switch in "run" rather than "kill" but found it in "kill" when coming back to it. Given it was in secured parking, then I just put it down to forgetting. You may have done that...
  8. I had some homeless guy spew on my bike while it was parked in town. I'd prefer it if he would have just played with the kill switch.
  9. This happened to me yesterday jimmy :/
  10. i got a stick in my exhaust the otherday....a stick!!!!

    the kid who did it probably thought it was seriously funny, but cmon...a stick?
  11. Spewing is alot worse...

    haha iam glad it was only a killswitch now.

    The kids you put the stick in your exhaust are probably heroes at their school now.
  12. disklock with alarm helps...
    especially when it makes a loud BEEP when you activate it :)

    also helps if you can park it where you can see it, i got a good view of mine as we speak
  13. I once came out to my bike to find some idiot I knew sitting astride my bike, furiously trying to kick start it with the brake lever. :roll:
  14. Ive had my bike dropped on BOTH SIDES, so now the indicators are pushed right into the fairings....

    You have no idea how much swearing goes on when you come down to find your brand new bike already broken by some random.
  15. What the hell? People spewing on bikes, sticks stuck up exhaut pipes and people trying to kick start the rear brakes??? :shock: :shock: :shock:

    The worst I had was a kid patting Piggy when I was parked at Manly corso a while back. Even then I didn't like it because it was MY pig that she was pawing, plus I was worried she might have done something else to the bike. Luckily, no damage!
  16. On my first bike, I had a watch strapped around the handlebars. Even saw the guy stealing it ... but unfortunately he got away.
  17. I think I have found a solution. Iam parking it round the back in the carpark where there isnt 1000 people walking past it everyday.

    Initially I thought it would be safer in a more busy spot then I discounted the general publics stupidity.