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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by starlet, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. I hope I'm not breaking any T's & C's, I just want to know if anyone knows if Kiesha is OK?

    (Mods: You can remove this if necessary)
  2. PM Sprong or Veilspafe :)
  3. Saw her two days before she got discharged from hospital.

    She is going okay.

    PM Matchstick, he keeps in touch with her.
  4. OK cool - thanks guys. As long as she's doing alright :)
  5. Bit late.. but thanx for asking :)
    She had the operation about 6 months ago or there abouts, & is doing just fine smiley_dance.
  6. not good at all. get well keisha
  7. Good to hear from you Keisha. F-ing blind f-ing cagers...hope it ends up teaching the prick a lesson he'll never forget. Let's see you in full leathers when you get back on a bike! :grin:

    MG: Remember reading that mate, great stuff.
  8. oh there she is! :p in her own thread..

    All the best with the recovery & hope you're fairly compensated.
    Yeah I know some van drivers cant reverse properly either, they hit my office door frame last time (or was it a ram-raid attempt?)
    I got a warehouse in Gladesville if you need storage :LOL:
    Hope you'll manage to get back on 2-wheels again