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kids yam pee wee 50

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by whipper snipper, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. hi all, I just got a pee wee 50 for the kids, the fella I got it off had it rebuilt about 18 months ago for his grand kids but they never end up using it so it sat it the shed for 18 months not being started. Now when I got it, itwouldnt start so I drained the old fuel the, took carby off and sprayed a bit of carby cleaner, put new fuel in and got it going but still ran a bit iffy for a while then was good as gold for about 20 mins then it started to loose revs and started to die. im using a 30:1 fuel mix so my question is am I using the right mix or not and is the issue most likely still a dirty carby jet... ive tried to read up on these but cant find much,its a late 80's early 90's but ive also heard something pee wee 50 always having oil injection so should I not be running a pre mix fuel.... the guy I got it off cant remember what fuel is supposed to be run in it, it did get rebuilt after having the wrong fuel run thru it and the store that rebuilt it has since closed down so cant ask them either
    sorry for the long thread... cheers

  2. It should have an oil container infront of handlebars where bikes have headlights. Maybe with u pre mixing and the oil injection it's getting too much oil ? Only guessing as I own 4 stroke ttr 50 .
  3. Yeah no oil container there, I did also read it not uncommon for the injection system to be removed, I had a 200hp merc outboard that had the oil injection remover for better performance, so presuming this one now has to run on pre mix, question is now what mix 25, 30, or 50:1 and I guess I will do a proper clean of the carby as well
  4. Thanks for the link basejumper. The boys have also got a couple of those Chinese 49cc quad and they were supposed to run 30:1 during the run in process and then move up to 50:1 but I think it should be safe to run all three bikes on a 30:1 mix, I'd prefer to replace plugs then motors.

    Cheers mate