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Kids today.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Are bloody brilliant.

    I just got back from the 'Rock Eisteddfod Challenge' at Vodafone Arena. The REC is a schools based event, showcasing the kids drama, dance and design skills.

    Liz is a teacher in a Melbourne school and they entered into the 'Raw' event. Raw strips away sets and peripherals, allowing the kids to explore different ways to express their ideas. Other schools entered 'Open' and 'Premier', where Open allows elaborate sets and Premier is designed for previous winners.

    Every single act was brilliant, their dance and choreography was outstanding, set designs were awesome and their enthusiasm totally infectious. Every act was worth the admission fee on its own, they were that good.

    It was great to see kids expressing themselves in ways that I could never even dream of. Many of the acts were driven by the kids, with minimal teacher input. This created such obvious team spirit and their excitement at and with each other was great to see.

    So the next time the Hun or some radio shock jock starts telling you how kids today are, tell them they're wrong. :)

  2. +1 on everything you said cejay :) Was there on Monday night for my daughter's school.
  3. Have wanted to go to these. How much are tix's and how do you become aware of next years to get the tix's? Or is it a case of parents and firends/family, and others in the know?
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  5. definately agree !!
    we went to a couple while we were in Darwin and we enjoyed ourselves so much, the show that was put on by each and everyone was absolutely superb. Its not called the REC in the NT, it is called something else
    dont know why???

    Would have loved to have gone to the Melbourne one
  6. i totally agree....
  7. Yeah kids are cool! Give them an outlet and they constantly amaze me!
  8. I was dating a teacher a few years ago who coordinated her school's REC entry. I was around during to witness some of that school's effort and frankly, it floored me.

    The amount of work is amazing, the kids amazing, the effort amazing... the teachers though, they're phenomenal.

    I saw one whole night of an earlyish Victorian round and bugger me but the talent and earnest displays you're privvy too fair swelled the heart with pride... and I didn't even know these kids.

    I can't even watch a bit of it on TV without tearing up... well done to all involved I say!
  9. Never been to one as an adult, but fondly & vividly remember being in them as a teen. Great stuff