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Kids stetch plastic wrap across road-next vehicle is a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kaer, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. they haven't decided whether to charge them?!? :eek:
  2. little shits... why cant they just go and blow up some letter boxes at night like normal kids? at least then all they'll hurt is themselves :D
  3. judge passes a motion of 'boys will be boys'
  4. Actually given that it's in the good ole us of a they'll probably get rewarded, wierd country that one...
  5. they should just wrap the little turds in what's left of the cling wrap
  6. Holy mother of god. What the hell is wrong with those cops?! Of course they should be charged! With endangering life! It shouldn't be the cops who should decide whether to press charges anyway! I would DEFINATELY charge em. The could have killed the bloke ffs!
  7. Remember, we are motorcyclists, we are disposable. Most bureaucrats and cops would be glad if we weren't on the road at all.
  8. You better believe it - just last week the local paper printed a 'letter to the editor' stating exacting that, concerning the Dandenong Ranges. He was a CFA person, and felt that he'd attended too many motorcycle accidents up here - hence they should all be barred from the roads.
    Now - the cause of these accidents might well have been cars not keeping to their side of the road, gravel all over the road, etc, etc.
    Luckily there are a few Shire, Police & CFA riders living up this way, so pretty sure he's in the minority. Mooron. :twisted:
  9. Freaky. That reminds me of the scene from Stone. :shock:
  10. fcuk that for a laugh.
    Some people are just dead set pelicans!
  11. Does anyone recall an incident where a brick was thrown from an over-pass onto the South Eastern freeway, hitting a truck etc... it happened 3 or 4 years ago.

    Did they catch the a-hole who threw the brick, and what happened?
  12. bloody kids
  13. There was a great moment on the news a couple of weeks ago. Some kids had killed another kid but the police couldn't be bothered pressing charges. The very next story was that some guy had stolen a boat and sailed it to Tasmania - no harm done, but Guess what ... they were throwing him in jail!

    They'll only get prosecuted if there's money or property involved.
  14. What the $uck...Police haven't decided whether to charge them...throw the book at them I say.
  15. What scares me is that I believe you are absolutely right.

    These days, much more than anytime in the past, your life is valued by the money and material possessions you have collected.

    We're "governed" (a word I use very loosely) by a parliament that is ruled by Economists and Lawyers. You could argue they are financially competent (but I won't), but IMHO are morally bankrupt.

    bugger, where did I put my anti-depressants?

  16. copycat crime, i've read of exactly the same thing happening in the US in the last 12 months. throw the book at them i say.
  17. I got tricked by two little twerps in the Brindabella area of Canberra one evening, just on dusk. I was in the car, blatting along a country road, came round a corner and saw these little rats standing on either side of the road leaning backwards with their arms outstretched, like they were in a tug-of-war. Slammed on the brakes as I got level with them, only to see them falling about laughing; they were just pretending to be holding a wire/rope/string across the road. I can laugh now, but just for a moment it wasn't funny!
  18. Actually, despite its official-sounding prose, I'd like the Myth-Busters to have a look at the cling-wrap story, sounds just a bit like an urban myth. (If it's for real, I agree, punishment, not re-habilitation, is in order. Send them to the hospital and get them to spend a few days cleaning out bed-pans, that'll slow the little mongrels down a bit).