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WA Kids should be banned from dirt bikes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. http://www.bikesales.com.au/news/2011/off-road/dirt-bike-ban-for-kids-26928

    How many kids are injured from running and falling over in the school yard... shall we ban running???? Cheesuz!!

  2. haha get ****ed you stupid old biatch.

    when i turned 16 i had been riding for 11 years. did that make me a safer driver? **** yes.

    ps. you should see how much the attitude and treatment care changes when you say its a dirt bike injury. they pretty much say '**** you, teaches you right. we'll just leave you here for a few more hours while we care to some poor kid who fell off the monkey bars'.

    i personally got told by a previous surgeon that i was a ******** because i rode motorbikes.
  3. you got told you were a what?
  4. Agreed JimmyD they can get ****ed.

    If i didn't have all those years as a kid bashing around on dirt bikes on the grandparents farm my riding would be no where near as confident as it is now.

    And i thought Vic was the nanny state ;P
  5. effing penis head.

    i was so close to losing my temper then, but he still had yet to operate on me to fix up the broken bones in my hand haha.
  6. Goodbye to any future Casey Stoners and the like if that comes in to play.

    There would be more side effects other than 'reduced' injury rates in children.

    We would possibly (probably) lose the Moto GP, WSBK, Supercross, etc. due to not having any participants worthy of the world stage. Goodbye tourism money. Goodbye (freeish) advertising for Australia.
  7. Kidsafe is just trying to get funding and make a name for themselves. Ignore them.
  8. This article comes to mind
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  9. I bet he skiis....

    (BTW, you be surprised how many people in healthcare are riders.)
  10. Sue Wicks should be banned from living.
  11. This.

    Read the article carefully and note that it is not (in this case) the medical professionals who are calling for the ban. It's the sef-appointed "won't somebody think of the children" expert.

    Doesn't matter anyway 'cos it ain't gonna happen, if only because it is, basically, impossible to regulate to such an extent what people get up to on private property.

    As for the attitude of A&E staff to bike injuries, maybe I've been lucky but in numerous attendances for myself or when accompanying mates I have never seen the "you're a fwit to ride a bike" attitude. Indeed the staff have always seemed pleased to be dealing with someone intelligent and sober.
  12. I suspect she's already done that to herself. Now just wants to extend it to others.
  13. they obviously don't like me haha.

    the only time that they have been nice to me is when i broke my collarbone last year.

    the 5 times before that they've been pretty rude.
  14. She's been on this since at least 2007.


    Every time some kid dies, I am sure the line gets trotted out

    Read this original article of a boys death from 2007. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/boy-3-dies-riding-mini-bike/story-e6frf7kx-1111114389279

    The parents limited the bike to 10kph! A bicycle can go faster than that. Sometimes these accidents happen. I don't think you can blame motorcycles when exactly the same thing could have happened on a bicycle. It had training wheels too.
  15. You need to start going to a different hospital. Patient choice, customer service and all that :wink:.

    Seriously though, my experiences have been all good. There is the issue that a (non-compound) broken bone or a bit of gravel rash will be a lower triage priority than, say, uncontrolled bleeding or a severe head injury, but that's the case however you've managed to crock yourself and quite right too.
  16. Yeah - a guy who did some X-Rays on me was a motorcyclist. And at least two motorcycles are parked outside the maroondah hospital daily from what I've seen.
  17. Kids injure themselves all the time.

    Parents need to ensure thier children wear appropriate protective gear at all times for any activity they might be doing, as adults should and also make sure they're riding a bike that's not to big/powerful for them.

    The other thing is when kids go for a ride on public roads with or without parental permission and they run someone over (it has happened), the parents end up with all the medical costs cos there's no TAC coverage for unregistered trail bikes ridden by kids.
  18. So, is she going to ban pony clubs as well...

    Extract from a UK article

    Air ambulance crews had to be scrambled to help the victims of serious riding accidents in rural Yorkshire and Lincolnshire nearly 150 times in 2006.

    Falls from horses can result in broken bones, spinal injuries, even brain damage.

    Horse riding can be a dangerous sport
    In fact, our two air ambulances carried more riders to hospital last year than motorcyclists.

    Our research revealed something else surprising - that you're actually 20 times more likely to have an accident on a horse than on a bike.

    Unlike a motorbike, a horse isn't a machine - it hasn't got brakes, and you've got a lot further to fall.

    And the injuries can be just as bad, if not worse.

    Doctors say that injuries are an inevitable consequence of horse riding - especially in rural areas such as North Yorkshire.

    Just imagine the screams if somone proposed to ban kids under 16 from riding horses!
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  19. None from me. I'll be too busy laying in bulk supplies of cheap glue :twisted:.
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  20. I've always had nice Ambo's. Most of them are into weird shoite anyway.
    If we all go around in bubbles with carbon filters on them we will all get great tax breaks.
    She's just ahead of her time