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kids say the darndest things....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by removed-6, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. I wanted to start a thread for those hilarious things that kids say.

    My 5yr old last night after going to bed (looking for some time wasting so he doesn't have to go to sleep) comes out and stands in front of mum silently for a second .........


    A A A AAAAAChooooooooooo

    "I just wanted to show you my sneeze Mum"

    :evil: Now go back to bed!

    then Mum and Dad, :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  2. hahaha i love kids..... my sister and my mate came over today... awwwwwww how cute i want one.... then a month old power hurled over there faces.

    like i said.... i love kids.
  3. my brother in law made a joke about shagging my sister (who is his wife) at the dinner table once.

    their son turned around & said "Daddy - very inapropriate!"

    we were stunned!
  4. When my nephew was around 5ish some time back, he'd let his hair grow into a huge curly mop. He wouldn't let my sister cut it.

    I was commenting on his hair and as a joke said to my sis, that we could turn him upside down and use him as a mop. We all laughed.

    Then about 5minutes later, my nephew comes back to the dining table, bawling his eyes out... we finally got out of him that he was upset because he didn't want to be used as a mop! :LOL:

    What the hell goes through these kids brains?!?!?!?
  5. I have come to realise that NOTHING goes through a kids brain, it all goes in and stays there, never to be forgotten, surely to be re-hashed at the most inappropriate time :grin:
  6. Definitely what Triway said, the kids NEVER forget anything that will embarrass you later on down the track :oops: :)
  7. A few weeks ago we had friends around. We were sitting around the pool and our friends miss 5 was playing outside the poool with our Miss 5. It started to rain so our friends Miss 5 said "Lets hop in the pool before we get wet".........WTF

    We have a number of Sri Lankan cricketers playing at our club. Mr 3 said to one of them, "What are you oding here", His reply was training. Mr 3 then said, Why are you here with the other brown man.....I couldn't get away from their quick enough.
  8. at a freinds place recently and her 7yr odl came out with a gold moment!

    after said freind had asked himt o go wash his hands etc..

    he comes out with

    Mum u need to go wash urself because your a dirty!

    she is a bit fo a slapper at times... but fcuk me i laughed so hard!
  9. My 7 year old daughter is a little mother hen. A few months ago she asked if we could have a kitten or a new baby. My response was "what colour cat do you want?"
    She says "Well, why can't we have a baby?"
    I said "Because Daddy's had an operation and we can't anymore."
    She says "Can't you and Mum just rub wee wees together or something..."
    :eek: :LOL:

    I was up for it, but the missus wasn't... :(
  10. my nephew (he's six now, but at the time this happened he was only 4...) said a classic thing when my niece was born.

    we went to go visit, and Eli (nephew) decided to introduce us to the new baby.

    he walks up to her & says "this is Aunty Tash & Uncle tony. they don't have babies cause they have motorbikes"
  11. :rofl:

    All those vibrations play havoc with those little swimmers!

  12. My three year old neice takes great pleasure in reminding my G/F to wear long pants whenever she gets on the bike. All because my sister (her mum) mentioned about 5 months ago that my G/F burnt her leg on the zorst whilst in shorts...

    Oh, and at her 2nd Birthday, when the other kids were trying to play with one of her presents, she comes over and takes them all back stating: "I need them, I need them all!!!" I'm definitely saving that one for her 21st...
  13. My daughter (6yo) was playing with her Beaniekids collection on the weekend. She'd paired all of them into couples, but was left with two female Beaniekids.

    She sat them side by side on the couch, and, in her most serious voice said "You two will be lesbians"
  14. Looking after my 4 year old niece when she started asking for a drink - doing the old 'gimme a drink - i want a drink' so I said "whats the magic word' (of course meaning please) and she looked at me with a serious look on her face and then said 'Dibbity dobbity doo' - well I had to give her the drink as it is a magic word :grin:
  15. in all seriousness does that happen?
  16. Short answer: it depends on which study you believe.

    These people say vibration has an effect

    These people say it doesn't

    At a guess I'd say that riding to and from work and having a blat on the weekends won't do much, but being exposed to near-continuous vibratio 7 hours a day, 5 days a week could lead to problems.
  17. Walking down the street with my 3yo daughter... towards us is coming a big ol' bikie dude, with an eye patch...

    "Daddy, it's Captain Feathersword!!"
  18. Well they still come out with stuff in their teens :eek:

    13 year old came in complaining about his 18 year old brother.....saying he had been on an 'eating rampage' again....yep, all the good stuff missing from the pantry. :roll: :evil:
  19. +1 on teens...

    My thirteen yr old was stunned when she learnt tennis player Gael Monfils [​IMG] is French. She goes, "Can you get black french people?" :LOL:
  20. He looks just as confused as she must have been, Rosie :LOL: